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This Fintech Consultant Company Announces Collaboration with the South Florida Accelerator

Fintech consultant firm, Synechron, announced that it is now collaborating with The South Florida Accelerator. Synechron is now a stakeholder and strategic partner of accelerator’s business platform.
The South Florida Accelerator is labeled as an innovation accelerator and aggregator with worldwide connectivity. Its mission is to recognize visionary entrepreneurs and facilitate ideation by providing a clear route to success through a universal network of strategic corporate partnerships.
While sharing facts about the partnership, Thomas Buchar Managing Director of The South Florida Accelerator and Board Member of Innovation Florida, stated: “Synechron is an uncontested leader in the FinTech business consultancy and technology services vertical which we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to partner with. The partnership will contribute to the advancement of South Florida’s innovation corridor, by immediately generating 50 jobs to the South Florida community.”
Zia Bhutta, Co-Founder of Synechron, said, “I am proud that Innovation Florida was able to bring most of South Florida’s thought leaders and top tech companies together and produce measurable results.”
Jimmy Thomas, Senior Director of Synechron’s Sunrise and South Florida Office, also shared his views by saying, “We are delighted for Synechron to become a technology leader in the South Florida Community and make an immediate commitment to job creation.”
Synechron provides both consultancy and technology services with a five-continent client portfolio. Its clients include the best five U.S. banks and top three insurance carriers. The partnership with The South Florida Accelerator was negotiated in part by Innovation Florida’s Executive Director Maria Sachs. She added, “The Synechron TSFA partnership will bring numerous opportunities to the region and create more jobs; especially for Florida’s new university grads.”