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Thinking, Creativity, Imaginations and sense of Color Combination

Trionn Design

Effectiveness of the website largely depends on its appearance and in the manner how it is designed. Likewise, a startup company seeking to create great web interface, Brand and web designs, and to have a colourful online presentation, there is one stop shop and that is Trionn Designs. Situated in Rajkot and was founded in 2012 by Sunny Rathod, who is Founder, CEO & Creative Designer at Trionn Design. He had done advance dual diploma in Multimedia at the age of 15. To increase his knowledge and experience with colors, he also worked in a shopping center where colors were the prime focus of clients! Being of a designer was a pure result of passion turning into profession. But the philosophy that took him a long way is the education does not helps in getting a long term success. Keeping this in mind, he cultivated the Web & Graphic designing skills that he is passionate about by working at different places.
After 14 years of fruitful relationship with the Europe & US based Web Development Company, He decided to hope into his own creation – my own company, a designing studio – TRIONN DESIGN. The award-winning site is awash with bright, bold colors and a gorgeous array of fonts that complement the artwork perfectly. He now have 17+ Years of Professional Experience in age of 32 and gained knowledge by devoting precious time in experimental learning. The first thing that he had designed for a company was Logo and branding design. According to Sunny, size of the working place is not the concerned matter but Size of the exposure was his key concern. For him, Designing is his Hobby, Passion and last but not the least the only Profession and Thinking + Creativity + Imaginations + Color combination sense are the most important grounds on which a designer has to be qualified in.
Idea behind three headed Lion logo
There is a small story behind the meaning of three headed lion logo. In TRIONN, TRI stands for three, the trio of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Lord Mahesh, and in Hinduism we call it Trimurti, Tridev or the Trinity. Moreover his former company was named as Trinity Web Tech, in the honour of its name he kept TRI as it is. They say that in Vedic times our saints used to chant this mantra: “Om Namo Narayana”. It has its own deep meaning. So in TRIONN, ONN stands for “Om Namo Narayana”. Now have a glance at Trionn’s logo. It consists of 3-headed lion. Actually as per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is popularly regarded as the preserver of the universe and out of his ten avatars, one is Narsimha, which is having a human-like torso and lower body, with a lion-like face and claws. So he opted lion in the logo as a sign of God & strength and as it is TRI, he made 3-headed lion logo, which turns out to be a unique mascot of the company. Altogether making it TRIONN!
Lately, when Sunny commenced this company there was only a staff of 2. Today he is feeling proud in saying that they have grown to staff of 16 and have successfully completed 150+ projects of countries like Europe, UK, USA, UAE, Australia, Sweden, France, Greece, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Spain, Norway, Italy, Brazil, and Singapore.
Eye-catchy Designs
The company believes in Quality work and so are known for it. At present, under the brand of Trionn, we offer services like: User Interface, User Experience and Visual Design, High-quality & Eye-catching website & web application design and development, Mobile application design, Logo Design & Branding, Social Media Brand Integration, Newsletter & Emailer design, CANVAS & SVG Animations, Custom Responsive Creative Design and development, HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Frontend development, Magneto Custom E-Commerce, WordPress Custom CMS and Plugin development and SEO.
Strong bond of Client-Vendor Relationship
Sunny experienced and observed that there are few basic elements that the client generally seeking for, almost every time, like: A confident service provider who seem excellent with his skills, Trouble shooting skills with a positive attitude, Communication skills, by not making the client wait even if you’re feeling like to or don’t have anything special update on project, just leave a single line. That creates a strong bond of client-vendor relationship. When he prepare design of the websites, his most of the focus remains on User Interface and Color combinations. He also acknowledged about not to forget that luck too plays a vital role because sometimes despite taking care of everything that you’re capable of doing, things go out of your range.
Sunny have also perspired himself more towards individual client’s need and offer optimum output with the expected result, many times even more. Key strategy of Trionn design has always been understanding client’s goals and then apply skills to help in achieving them. At Trionn, a project is not merely treated as a project, but a joint mission and consider themselves as an adjoin entity with the project which sometimes helps them to even in giving suggestions to client, which get warmly welcome. Portfolio of successful and happy work automatically brings more work organically. That’s what the team of Trionn have practiced over the years and experienced the magical fruits of it.
Future of Designing Field
Sunny thoughts says, nowadays nothing is possible without design. Future of Design Field will always be green and at the same time challenging & imaginary, because creativity never comes to an end only sky is the limit.
His Golden rule of Design is Love whatever you do but do it by heart. Master the skills of your profession and then offer the same with smile and positive attitude. It always works and prove to be a fruitful success mantra. Most of companies think to hire designer promptly because of the project’s limited budget and limited times. As per Sunny’s point of view, company must give enough time to the designer to show out his/her own creativity. After that company can know about creativity of designer and then come to the decision of whether to keep him or not. A designer cannot simply be hired over an interview-table and vice versa. Because Creativity & Quality always need some time and designer cannot provide unique ideas in limited time. And he is already following this rules that’s why now a days Trionn Design is India’s Maximum award winning design studio.