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thethings.iO: ‘You Make Cool Things & We Connect Them’

The world of technology is an ever-changing landscape, and this is especially true with something as young as the Internet of Things. IoT is simply Internet-connected devices and applications, collaborating as a system that can gather data and control things around us. Though, for the success of Internet-enabled applications and devices, it is essential for the institutions and enterprises to bring in innovative techniques for managing the ever-increasing data. It is imperative for the companies to apprehend the importance of customer’s data and how to use it to make intelligent decisions and inaugurate new services. For all this, organizations need a strong platform to deploy applications faster and act on events at lightning speed.
thethings.iO is an IoT platform service provider constantly working to create more libraries and cover most of the IoT devices to keep it easy for customers. thethings.iO is also committed to interoperability and continuously striving to be integrated with different third party devices, services, and apps.
IoT Services

thethings.iO caters solutions from big blue-chip enterprises to OEMs and also to the developers. Their simplest IoT platform that enables fast and scalable connection of things to the Internet, allows everyone to monitor and manage devices in real-time and get flexible analytic reports. thethings.iO covers all the architectural layers of a true end-to-end IoT platform. At thethings.iO, the team is working with dozens of companies connecting their products from several IoT verticals. From connecting and managing devices, monitoring the products, getting analytics insights, applying predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, and Big Data on the top of the data of the devices.
Furthermore, customers can use thethings.iO API to create their own libraries, or utilize one of the many libraries and examples we have ready. The company also offers interoperability and integrations to third-party platforms such as IFTTT, Echo, Nest, FitBit among other.
The company’s flagship IoT platform supports huge array protocols, such as HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, Websockets, ModBus, UDP, and TCP. Having said that they also provide libraries for electronics modules such as Atmel, Texas Instruments, Espressif or Arduino and SDKs for mobile apps such as iOS and Android. Finally, interoperability is their favorite added value.
Marc Pous, CEO of thethings.iO, have been involved with the Internet of Things development for the past 15 years. He has connected things from autonomous wheelchairs to sofas at music festivals, ATMs, public displays and even beer mugs at Munich’s Oktoberfest. It wasn’t until two years ago when Marc decided to launch his own startup, thethings.iO, to help companies like the ones he worked for simplifying the Internet connectivity of their devices. In fact, all the projects that he previously mentioned required him to build a specific IoT platform for each one, every time from scratch. Marc’s main goal behind creating thethings.iO was simplicity, so that developers and companies could focus on what they do best; making and selling their products.
thethings.iO is a young company and everyone in the company makes thethings.iO what it is today that’s why their team is their biggest asset.
At thethings.iO, our motto is “keep IoT simple”. During initial days we developed all the experience to help enterprises, OEMs and developers to make IoT happen that scales to millions of devices, and advanced features such as diagrams schemas, artificial intelligence, and machine learning all in minutes,” asserts Marc.
Securing & Empowering the IoT
The company understands the security risks associated with IoT and they have taken best possible measures to make their platform secure and reliable for their customers. The company suggests that all of their customers use standard communication protocols and always encrypt the communications (with SSL, or other). Marc says that, at the moment, encryption is one of the solutions for securing the Internet of Things.
IoT changing the World & Lives
While discussing IoT’s future, Marc said, “The Internet of Things will allow businesses to understand every aspect of their operations better, and this better understanding provides the opportunity to improve every aspect of business operations. For example, companies that can measure their material consumption in real-time will be able to predict their supply needs more accurately. Companies that can visualize the maintenance and production levels of their equipment will be able to avoid factory breakdowns and optimize their manufacturing process. This all goes back to saving businesses time and money.”