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These Crew Scheduling Tips Will Boost Productivity in No Time

Major construction projects are often long processes, and meeting deadlines while keeping your crew happy can be challenging. Well, that’s where careful crew scheduling can help. Scheduling and planning can significantly improve productivity, which, in turn, can help your contract business take on more projects and become more successful. Better productivity will also help reduce the stress your crew may have of finishing in tough deadlines. With that said, here are some tips that will make a significant difference.

Use Colour Coding to Track Your Crew Members on Site

A simple yet effective solution is to incorporate a colour coding system for scheduling jobs among your crew members on site. So, as a contractor, it’s likely that you have certain teams working in different locations on a given day. Now, it can be challenging to remember which team is working. So, the colour coding system assigns a specific colour to each team, allowing you to keep track of each team and the respective project it’s responsible for. You’ll also then know that each project is going as scheduled.
Colour coding also makes planning easier on a physical scheduler because you can quickly mark each colour instead of writing down the team in words. Moreover, it’ll take less space on your scheduler—a tidier schedule can reduce the chances of you overlooking some details. 

Use Scheduling Software

While it may be a bit of an investment, scheduling software can make a world of difference in boosting your crew’s productivity. The biggest advantage of digital schedulers is that it offers a range of different features that can allow you to manage a team of even hundreds with ease.
Many high-quality digital schedulers make the process as simple as dragging and dropping crew members and equipment into certain boxes of the scheduler. So, you don’t need an expert at computers to manage all of this for you. In addition to that, they’re designed to be flexible to fit every contractor’s unique needs so that they aren’t limited in the way they wish to plan jobs for their various teams.

Some Game-Changing Features

The unique features are what make digital schedulers stand out. So, one of such features includes automated notifications. Thus, you or your crew members will be informed automatically when and what they must do to complete their respective jobs. As a consequence, managers no longer need to remind teams of certain responsibilities on a regular basis, saving time and effort in the process. In addition to that, the notifications also inform managers if certain crew members are double-booked. Therefore, you can quickly send another crew member as a replacement to a specific project to avoid delays in the construction process.
Another great feature is quick bulk scheduling. You may pick complete teams with a single click of a button, making scheduling easy.

Hire Good Management

It is undoubtedly important to have the right tools for scheduling your crew, but none of that matters if you don’t have effective leaders to guide them. That is why you must hire good management. Therefore, your management team should know how to schedule crew, equipment, and projects to ensure productivity is at its maximum.

Last Few Words

Perhaps the best way to manage a small or large construction crew is to use digital tools that make the entire process simple and quick. Furthermore, these technologies put practically all of the information they need regarding the project right at their fingertips.