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The X-factor and the never-ending journey of the soul

X-factor is assumed to be a mysterious factor that becomes most impactful in determining the ultimate outcome of our lives. Many people search their entire lives for the X factor that makes them unique and stand out from the crowd. This search or quest for the X-factor is slowly becoming banal as perhaps, it was never really real, to begin with.

The hopes of discovering the X-factor are often laden with expectations of finding subsequent success in life. These journeys in themselves are worth cherishing but the hopes of finding success without ever sacrificing a part of ourselves are illusory, to say the least. The traces of misguided journeys that unnecessarily glorify the pure and ordinary experience of sustenance are everywhere.
The qualities that require one to succeed are not hidden but to the contrary, staring us right in the eye. Every person who walks this earth is probably aware that it is hard work, focused and consistent effort that makes one successful. However, applying these qualities is the real dream; the rest is otherwise, plain old reality.
Delusional self-discoveries and expectations have taken over the mainstream culture and corrupted it in unimaginable ways. For example, the worshipping of self-proclaimed mentors, heavy and unbearable barrage of self-help books are a few symptoms of the larger problem of misguided self-discoveries. If you haven’t noticed the problems yet, you might wish to look around in college cafeterias and virtual status-quo intellectual communities.
So how would one go about truly finding the X-factor within? Ask yourself this: if you had to choose one quality above all others that determine your success, what would it be? There are many nominations for the title. Hard work, consistency, objectivity, etc. are some of them. However, most of these should not be rated as the X-factor. These factors can be seen, observed and often unite us in solidarity with each other. On the other hand, X-factor is what makes us unique, gives us an authority over our lives, unlike any other quality.
Hence, it would be best perhaps to nominate leap of faith to the title of X factor. Maybe the X factor really is a leap of faith that binds our soul to something sacred, for reasons beyond our understanding. Perhaps, it is an unshakable spirit guiding us like the open blue sky hovering over us. Welcoming us with open arms yet warning us of our insignificance with its formidable authority.
Human beings similar to birds fly out every single day to find a nest, away from the rain and fly away in search of a future. However, unlike birds, we are protected from the best of ourselves: The natural ability to fly beyond the horizons, every single day.  There was no X factor outside our soul, but it was simply us. Maybe a leap of faith into the unknown dark void of future is the X factor we constantly seek, but perhaps, it is time to speak truth to ourselves. We have always known what the X factor is: The real question is. Where is our life heading today?

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