The World’s First Drone Café Opened

Want to have cocktail served by a drone? Students of Dutch university opened world’s first cafe managed by tiny domestic unmanned aircrafts called as drones. In this cafe, drones are servers. They use sensors to navigate indoors and pinchers to deliver orders. The group of 20 students behind this project believes that this technology can be tested on alarm systems and fire extinguishers. The students group, who spent 9 months building and inventing the autonomous drone, targeted to show how a tiny inside craft can change our day to day lives.

“It has potential as a useful tool for human kind,” said student and project leader. “We see it as the next mobile phone … you choose and you program it [to do what] you want.”

This drone is nicknamed as “Blue Jay” by its inventors. It is a small white flying saucer with a shining strip for eyes, flying table to table and taking customer’s order, which marks to the list to signal what they want to have. Inventors also believe that one day, these domestic drones will be an essential part of our lives or rather a drone could be a friend too.

This drone cafe offers various cocktails, which are either green or bright blue matching the color of drone’s eyes. Drinks are picked up by the drones and carried by pinchers underneath them. This shows that the aerial machines could be used to deliver medicines, track down burglars and carry out delicate missions. To build each drone it cost about 2,000 euros. Unlike other drones, which depend on a GPS system, these drones can fly inside buildings and can also navigate in crowded interiors with the help of sensors and a long battery life. Moreover, a drone is an intelligent bird living in the complex, social surroundings and their applications can be endless.