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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Book Publishing Company

Are you a first-time author ready to get your book on the shelves? Then you should know how to get in touch with the right book publishing company. If not, then do not fret, as we have this comprehensive guide.

The following blog explores everything you need to know about book publishers. We will walk you through the complete book publishing process, from choosing the right book publishing company to submitting the manuscript.

Whether you are a fiction writer or a non-fiction documenter, this guide is what you need. It will answer your questions related to finding the right book publisher. So, without further ado, let us get into the details of book publishing.

Types of Book Publishing:

A book publisher refers to the entity that directs the book publishing process. They offer consultation, editing, design, marketing, and distribution services for your book. You could say they turn your manuscript into a full fledge book. Now, book publishing is a broad field with different book publishing processes. Let us discuss the main types first.

Traditional Book Publishers:

Traditional publishers are the most common type of book publisher. The traditional book publisher typically accepts manuscripts from literary agents. They handle every aspect of the book publishing, including designing, producing, distributing, and marketing the book. In most cases, they cover the upfront cost of editing, designing, printing and distribution. They earn through the book sales.

The author also receives a percentage of royalties for their submitted manuscript. As they have limited resources, traditional publishers are quite selective of authors, and the selection process is quite competitive.

Self-Book Publishing:

The author is typically responsible for the complete book publishing process. The author takes on every responsibility in this model, from editing to distribution. The author has more creative control over the work process and profits more. However, it does require significant time and effort.

Factors For Choosing a Book Publishing Service:

If you wish to choose between book publishers, here are some factors you need to keep in mind while deciding:

1.      Book Genre:

Book publishers specialize in different book genres. Some may specialize in publishing thriller books, while others may only work on autobiographies. You must research the book publisher about their experience in publishing to decide whether they are right for your book. It will boost your chances of getting chosen.

2.      Personal Preferences:

You should also consider your personal preferences when deciding on book publishing. Are you looking for more creative control? Do you want to keep your book rights? Are you looking for someone to deal with book publishing? Ensure that your preferences are met while deciding on the traditional or self-publishing route.

3.      Target Audience:

When selecting a book publishing company, consider the target audience you want to reach. Ensure that the book publisher has relevant experience reaching out to that specific audience.

Finding a Book Publishing Company:

Finding the right book publisher can be a challenging task. Here are the best ways to find potential book publishers for your book:

1.      Online Search:

The internet is the best place to seek out book publishing companies. Through a quick search, you can get a list of book publishing companies in the UK from which you can get publishing services. However, keep in mind that the internet does not discriminate between professionals and novices. Ensure to research them before sending in your manuscript.

2.      References:

If you have a close-knit author circle, then it is a good idea to ask for personal recommendations. Believe it or not, asking around can help you connect with reliable book publishing services. Not to mention, getting referrals also adds a layer of credibility.

3.      Industry Directories:

Another good place to find authentic UK book publishers is the industry directory. You can navigate through the online directories to find relevant potential publishers fit for your particular genre.

4.      Author Communities or Social Media:

Believe it or not, you can learn about reliable publishers through social media platforms. These platforms can have author communities where you can join and talk to fellow editors about book publishers. Not only can you learn about the best book publishers, but here, you can also get insight into the best practices to consider while submitting your manuscript.

5.      Book Acknowledgment:

If you are an avid reader, and own multiple books, then you could always try the acknowledgement section of the book. Authors often express their gratitude to their literary agents, editors, and publishers. If you have a book of the same genre, then you could discover boo publishing companies just right for you.

How to Choose the Right Book Publishing Company?

Now, even though you have a long list of UK book publishing companies, even though they made it to the list does not mean they are an expert. Here is what you need to do to filter out novices from professional book publishers:

1.      Reviewing their Website:

The book publisher will have their own website. Make sure to review it to learn more about how they work, their submission guidelines and the book types they frequently publish.

2.      Viewing their Published Book Collection:

A professional book publishing company would have a long list of published books under their name. Check out the books they recently published. Are they similar to yours? Were they well-received by critics and readers?

3.      Checking Reputation and Track Record:

In addition to the website and book list check, check out the book publisher’s reputation. Look for online reviews. What did past customers say about them? Reviews can give an insight into how well they operate and whether they promise what they offer.

Final Note:

In conclusion, the author’s journey is challenging, but by getting in touch with the right book publisher, you can make it easier. If you are looking for a book publishing company, be sure to check out search engines, online industry directories, author communities and personal recommendations. In addition, review their website, their past published work, and their reputation to decide whether to send your manuscript to them or not.