The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Inverter for Home

Are you frustrated by frequent power cuts? Does it impact your work or entertainment? Then, an inverter is the best power backup solution you would need. Wondering what it is? Here is an in-depth guide for you to explore.

What is an Inverter?

An inverter is a power backup device that transforms electrical power from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). While the equipment in our houses requires alternating currents, batteries store energy through direct currents. The inverter transforms stored energy into an alternating current to power the home as needed. So, this gadget can be used as a power backup solution during a power outage. You can find numerous types of the best inverter for homes available in the market.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Inverter for Home

Types of Inverters

There are three types of inverters for a home that are listed below:

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters

These inverters supply current from the battery cleanly and reliably. This type of inverter is the best inverter for the home as it can adjust the voltage setting as per the required power and is used to power multiple electrical appliances easily. However, pure sine wave inverters are expensive compared to other types because of their highly efficient features.

  • Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Unlike a sine wave inverter, this type of inverter does not provide an entirely smooth transition. Although this type of inverter functions well with many different devices, sometimes it may reduce its effectiveness. Appliances with resistive loads and those without a start-up burst of electricity perform well with the modified sine wave inverter. In addition, these are less expensive than pure sine wave inverters.

  • Square Wave Inverters

The square wave inverters generate square-shaped waveforms that are less efficient than others. It is the best option in case you need to connect only modest devices to your inverter. Moreover, this type of inverter is noisy.

Tips for Buying the Best Inverter for your Home

Here is an ultimate guide for choosing the best inverter for your home that you must explore.

  • Calculate the Power Requirement

To get your hands on the best inverter for your home, you must first calculate the load/power requirements. Doing this will help you analyze whether you need a higher-load inverter. To calculate this, you must add the voltage of all the electrical devices you would prefer to run, even during power cuts. You must try to include as many appliances as you can.

  • Understand the Necessary Capacity

Inverter capacity depicts the maximum power limit to which the inverters can operate efficiently and offer electricity. You can find multiple inverters in the market, but you must choose the best one according to your requirement. Ideally, the best inverter for a home offers 750-1000 W power.

  • Decide Battery Size

Batteries are the backbone of inverters that determine the functionality and efficiency of power supplied. First, you must decide on the total power demand and calculate the period the inverter should run during a power outage.

  • Consider the Cost and Size

Before buying an inverter for your home, it is essential for you to check the different options available, the cost involved, and the size. You must fit your budget and get the best inverter for your home to efficiently offer electricity.

  • Check the Wirings of your Home

You must check if your home wiring is compatible with the inverter you’re buying. Since high-power appliances consume a lot of battery power, leaving major equipment like refrigerators and air conditioners out of the wiring is advisable. It is advisable to check with your expert to see if your house can accommodate the inverter you intend to purchase.

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