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The Spear Group: The Best In Consulting & Project Delivery

From the major construction projects to the major ERP implementations, there is an inherent conflict of interest with consultants and contractors. The consultants and contractors want their clients to succeed, yet they succeed as a company if their projects continue to expand and run indefinitely. The Spear Group (SPEAR) helps the owner in managing costs, schedule, and budget, with the goal to help ensure clients complete projects efficiently, cost effectively, on time and on budget.
SPEAR provides “owner’s representation” resources that represent the owner/company in controlling the cost of the project to ensure the project is brought in on-time, on budget. They install a system of checks and balances and accountability that might typically be missing. SPEAR has an overwhelming commitment to develop winning strategies for their customers. They weigh each of their clients’ successes as a metric by which they judge their own success.
Leading the Field in Consulting & Project Management
SPEAR has been in existence since 1981 focused on providing state-of-the-art owner’s representation, project management, project controls (planning, estimating, scheduling, cost engineering), and program management professional services in support of delivering their clients’ projects. SPEAR has served over one hundred Fortune 500 clients, enabling them to effectively plan, manage and deliver projects on time and on budget.
SPEAR offers services like, Project Management/Project Control, the essential elements of effective management control processes. This includes scope definition; organization participation and buy-in; approved baselines for cost and schedule; established performance measurement; and timely and meaningful reporting.
Comprehensive Management Control Services, which includes, Process Assessment and Development services in: Business Planning & Budgeting; Estimating; Cost Control and Performance Measurement; Work Control; Planning & Scheduling; and Business Data Management.
They also offer, Professional Services in: Project and Construction Management, Accounting, Budgeting/Forecasting, Estimating, Cost Engineering, Planning & Scheduling, Long Range Planning / Business Planning, System Development and Maintenance Planning.
Owner’s Representation Services to oversee the Architect / Engineer and Construction Manager organizations engaged by an Owner to engineer, design, procure, construct and start-up a facility.
Also, they offer, Managed Services, in Project Management, Estimating, Cost Engineering, Planning & Scheduling and Work Control. The specific benefits for these services include: Access to the services of qualified and industry recognized personnel in these areas when and where these services are required.
Jessica Liu, President of the Spear Group handles management and operational accountability and control over all phases of business. Ms. Liu holds an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and a B.S. from Harvard College. She has over 25 years of experience in delivering professional services to Fortune 500 clients.
Ms. Liu was a Principal at Booz Allen & Hamilton and has held key leadership positions at Adobe Systems, Siebel Systems, Yahoo! and in PwC’s Advisory practice. Also, previously she has worked for Goldman Sachs. Her area of expertise includes leading clients through major business transformational efforts, implementing state-of-the-art operations, technology, and program management improvements.
Road to the Future
As companies move towards cloud-based technologies, applications, and systems, the ability for clients to gather and respond to data real time enables them to execute more efficiently and effectively. Ms. Liu asserts, “The Spear Group is poised to guide our clients through this new landscape with an unwavering eye focused on our clients’ success.”