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The Power of Branding over the Internet

Quick Facts
Out of the approximate total of 3.2 billion people, 1.7 billion internet users are all Asians.
200 billion emails and 3 billion Google Searches are done every day. Out of the 204 million emails sent per minute, 70% are spam mails.
Internet requires 50 million horsepower to keep running in the current state.
Bots and Malware generate the majority of internet traffic.
Search engine results are just the tip of the iceberg and are called the Surface Web. The Deep Web is 500 times larger.
Internet took 3 years to reach 50 million users, while television took 13 years. Facebook took only 2 years.
Facebook has around 1.49 billion monthly active users. Twitter has around 314 million monthly users and generates 500 million tweets per day.
A single Google query makes use of 1,000 computers and arrives at an answer in 0.2 seconds. Google processes 16 to 20 percent of new searches, every day.
Over 100,000 new dot com domains are registered on the internet every day. There are 940 million live websites on the internet right now.
Digital Marketing Facts
As per a survey site, in 2017, TV ad spending will climb to $72.01 billion and Digital Ad spending will climb to $77.37 billion.
According to Google, more searches are taking place on mobile devices than on computers.
Video content is getting four times higher preference than text.
Nearly 200 million internet users have installed ad blocking softwares. 34-63% millennials block ads and more than half of the internet users do not click on the pop-up ads.
Native Ads are viewed 53% more times than banner ads. Users who are retargeted have a 70% chance of getting converted. Programmatic Ads will represent 82% of the total digital ads by 2018.
CMOs are going to increase their digital ad spend by 14.7%. Out of this, social media’s share would rise by 22.4% in the next five years. It is forecasted to account for 35% of total budgets.
An Average City dweller observes 5000 Ads per day, considering their exposure to the ads on grocery carts, on roads and over the internet. The global marketing industry is worth a whopping $475 billion.
Since our surrounding is flushed with all kinds of Ads, people are getting to understand the dynamics of marketing and have figured out ways to avoid viewing ads (ad-blocking softwares). So, what can advertisers do to stay one step ahead?
Showing what the audience wants to see
Jingles are forever and will stay on to be the most popular branding experience. Advertisers are moving on from the old model of informing, persuading and reminding to the new model of demonstrating, empowering and involving. 86% of the marketers believe in engaging the audience on multiple channels using the same strategy for long term success.
Considering the effortlessness involved in skipping the ads, marketers are trying to get the viewers as emotionally involved as possible in the storyline in which the product is presented. It is much more effective to present the ad as part of the context.
This is exactly what Native Ads is all about. It is the modern form of product placement in video and blog content. This has been successfully incorporated in the movies since long back. The Ace Comb in the James Dean movie Rebels without a cause, got so popular that almost every teen who had seen the movie went ahead and bought one.
Hershey owes a lot to the hit movie E.T. because right after it hit the screens, they saw a 65% rise in their sales. The best part is that Hershey did not have to pay anything for their product placement in the movie. All they had to do was promote E.T. in their advertising campaigns.
The longest running and the most expensive deal has been struck between Heineken and the producers of the James Bond movies. In the movie Skyfall, Bond goes for a bottle of Heineken instead of his signature martini drink. The James Bond movies had made the martini iconic and now it has been replaced by Heineken for an undisclosed hefty amount. Bond movies have also made the Aston Martin cars famous during the 60s and 70s and the BMW cars during the 90s.
BMW Mini Cooper earned the tag of being a rugged little car that goes really fast when it got featured in the movie, The Italian Job, and in one of the Bourne series. BMW saw a staggering increase in sales in the consecutive releases of these films.
Branding a Product when the audience is looking for one
Now, in a similar fashion, bloggers are paid to forcibly promote the brand in their storylines while making it look like as if it is a part of the context.This has led to many celebrity Twitter users who are paid to tweet in a particular fashion just because advertisers want to cash-in on their huge fan following. The scenario is similar on Facebook.
Out of the 80% of millennials using their smartphones while shopping, 74% are willing to receive location based adverts and this can prove to be beneficial with the right amount of data that must be mined from users’ past shopping experiences and their buying patterns. This ensures highest level of conversion rate using the most minimum effort (and efficient computing power) and investment from the retailer’s end.
Video accounts for 69% of all customer internet traffic and 70% of the audiences view brands more positively after watching an interesting video content of the brand. With video content expected to dominate over other content strategies, it is no surprise that YouTube channels are now considered as part of brand equity. Gaming is another industry that is being tapped in a similar fashion.
With a good data infrastructure that aids reporting and distribution, business councils can lead and improve campaigns that would engage the target audience and influence them to eventually boost the sales.