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The Potential Economic Value of Offshore Wind Development in Ireland is Estimated to be €38 billion: Study

Commissioned by Green Tech Skillnet and Wind Energy Ireland and conducted by BVG Associates, the report emphasizes the necessity for substantial investment in training and skills development to fully realize these benefits. The industry aims to deliver 37GW of offshore energy by 2050, requiring a considerable increase in the workforce to meet the sector’s targets.

Noel Cunniffe, CEO of Wind Energy Ireland, states, “Each offshore wind farm brings forth new investments, high-quality green employment opportunities, and enhanced energy security. This report meticulously outlines the skills required over the next two decades to revolutionize our workforce, not only for the advancement of Ireland’s offshore wind energy but also to compete globally. By fostering collaboration between the government and industry to pinpoint and invest in appropriate training initiatives, coordinating ongoing efforts in Education & Training Boards and tertiary institutions, and aiding Irish SMEs seeking entry into the sector, our potential knows no bounds.”

The study also outlines the necessary positions for each development phase, encompassing the top 42 roles across project management, operations, maintenance, and service activities. To address these skill requirements, the report proposes the creation of a skills development fund to support private-public training partnerships. Additionally, efforts will be required to attract workers, especially Irish nationals, from overseas to address skill gaps.

Both public education and private training providers must ensure comprehensive coverage of offshore specializations, while the development of expertise in transmission systems is essential.

Paul Healy, CEO of Skillnet Ireland, stated, “The Green Tech Skillnet, offering programs in wind, solar, and hydrogen, is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of renewables on the Irish grid. Since 2021, we have effectively involved over 3,000 trainees in the sector. In light of this report, we anticipate ongoing collaborations with Green Tech Skillnet to ensure that Ireland possesses a workforce ready for the future, further strengthening our competitive position in this sector.”

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