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The Over-the-Top Fun Party Birthday Party Themes in 2023

The last two to three years have been difficult for everyone. Social gatherings and parties seemed like a distant dream. With coronavirus fears retreating, people are back to their routine and plan to celebrate their kids’ birthdays on a grand scale. They want to spread happiness everywhere after the lull infused by the deadly virus. Since things have opened after a long time, people want to go overboard, whether it is decoration, choice of desserts, or something else. If these emotions sound legitimate, here are a few trends of 2023 that can be worth noticing for you as a parent of a young kid.

Indoor camping – no bugs, all fun!

Some call it glamping. You set up a tent inside, adding all the glamorous touches. Choose fairy lights, colorful pillows, and finger foods. Give kids some marshmallows and hot chocolate to keep them distracted a little. Adults can also join kids to tell them some thrilling ghost stories.

Unique game choices

Simple bounce houses may not intrigue them anymore. Check sites like Party Go Round for some great features. Safari, bungee jumping, and much more are possible with their bounce houses. You can make any choice more exciting by introducing fun games inside the bounce house. For instance, make kids choose a flag color assigned to their team. So, you should divide them into two groups. Instead of a flag, even two different sets of balloons and balls will also do. Ask them to capture the flag or individual item. Meanwhile, release a lot of streamers when they toil. It will create a more colorful ambiance for everyone.

Or, even a classic game of bouncing like a favorite animal when a person says “green light” and stopping when someone says “red light” can be entertaining. You can also ask them to copy an animal’s movement. For instance, ask them to do a frog leap or prance as a pony would. Yell “red light” to indicate they should freeze. Those who can maintain their posture without falling will win. The kids are going to get giggly, for sure. Some also keep a game of volleyball in the bounce house. There will be two teams with two sets of colored balloons. The team that hits the balloons without letting them touch the floor will win. The one who sustains this for longer can get a treat.

Selfie stations

Adults, teens, and kids – all love to pose and get clicked. So, how about creating a selfie station with different props? You can provide kids with hats, mustaches, tiaras, and many more props to choose their look for an Instagram-perfect moment. The background can have images of the snacks and desserts printed, giving the party a feel.


Your kid will be the star attraction of the birthday party. It will be fantastic if you make your child’s name light up with letters. A customized cake is also a good idea. But using lights to spell your kid’s name will be another level of fun. You get affordable neon lights and marquee letters. Try them once.

There is a chance to do a lot. After a hiatus, organizing something special for your sweetheart can be emotional and thrilling. So, give it a try.