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The New Virtual Era with Virtual Reality

The year 2016 has witnessed a lot of advancements in technology. Virtual Reality is one among the amazing innovations that finds immense use in business meetings. Many of us may have experienced Virtual Reality in media, games or any other occasions. In reality, Virtual Reality beats teleconferencing. It gives the real feeling of conferring with a colleague (or colleagues) from different parts of the world.
Expand beyond boundaries
Without any doubt we can say that the next five to ten years will be huge for Virtual Reality. The technology will connect us with people across the world, making boundaries a concept only. Even now the use of applications likes Skype, Google Hangouts, imo etc. enable the users to converse using video calls without considering their physical location. What makes it different with the new advancement in Virtual Reality is that it will appear as if you are in the same place regardless of the geographical separation.
Today’s business meetings are conducted by connecting everyone by phone and conferring with pixelated and buffering live videos projected to a flat screen that makes the users hate it. Virtual Reality can change this scenario into a more natural experience and makes the conferences more interesting. In the near future, it is expected to develop more precise technology that will coordinate expressions, eye contact and expressions that Virtual Reality currently lacks.
In businesses, public speaking is an unavoidable task. Many beginners find it really difficult to face such opportunities. Utilizing the scope of Virtual Reality apps, one can facilitate relationship building and learning experiences in a business setting. One can master public speaking by performing in front of virtual listeners. The same set-up will be applicable in a company where a boss can monitor the activities from other part of the world.
E-Commerce and Real estate industry will benefit
Virtual Reality will bring a big breakthrough on e-Commerce. Although e-Commerce is a flourished wing of modern business, it lacks some real-time experience of checking size or quality of a product. When Virtual Reality is integrated into e-Commerce, buyers can even check how a product like a table or couch looks when placed in your dining room or living room before placing orders.
Virtual Reality will assist mediators in increasing turnovers by making fewer visits to the sites and might be a better way to conduct business in real estate. No one will be interested to buy a house or a property without visiting the places. Virtual Reality will change the way people make investments in property. For Real Estate companies, Virtual Reality provides great opportunities to run their business and attract more purchasers’ towards it. At the same time, it helps in reducing cost and time spend on visiting sites.
Not only the above given are the benefits of Virtual Reality, but it has footholds in other sectors also. Movies, games and media industry will embellish with the amalgamation of Virtual Reality to the industry.