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The Most Famous Certificate in the Communication Industry Should be the Cisco CISCO Certification

One of the most important factors in whether a certification can attract a large number of followers for a long time is the market position of the parent company where the certification is located. As a veteran network equipment manufacturer, Cisco has long had a large market share and status in the industry.

Everyone should be familiar with these words: CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. They represent the three main levels of Cisco certification.

Among them, the “A” of CCNA means Associate, “joint, partner.” CCNA is the most basic and widely used part of Cisco’s professional certification system, which is quite the basic requirement for entering the industry.

The “P” of CCNP is Professional, which means “professional “. Obtaining the CCNP certification means that you have rich knowledge and skills, have certain experience accumulation, and belong to a senior network engineer.

CCIE is the best, “E” is Expert, “expert” means. For a long time, CCIE has been recognized as the most authoritative and respected certification in the IT industry, and it is the top certification in the global Internetworking field. Among the millions of Internet practitioners in the world, CCIE accounts for less than 1%. CCIE has also occupied the top of the IT certification list for a long time and is known as the IT ultimate certification. Skilled immigration is a plus. Not to mention the salary, CCIE can reach the highest annual salary of one million yuan many years ago.

In fact, the architecture of Cisco certification is not limited to these three layers. To be precise, Cisco certification consists of 5 levels.

Under the CCNA, there is actually a CCENT, the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, which is very simple and can almost be ignored.

On top of CCIE, there is another CCAr, Cisco Certified Architect. There is no best, only more cattle. Cisco really took great pains.

On the CCAr line, the levels corresponding to CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are also called separately: CCDA, CCDP, and CCDE. D means Design. To put it bluntly, this newly opened technology tree is designed with partial architecture. Each different grade is also divided according to different product business directions, such as CCNP, including routing and switching, security, voice, and so on.

The reference learning cycle corresponding to each level is as follows

CCNA: It is recommended that the self-study time be 1 month, and the training institution can basically finish the lecture in 6 days.

CCNP: It is recommended that the self-study time be 2 months, and the training institution will basically solve it within 20 days.

CCIE: It is recommended to study for half a year.

All in all, Xiao Zaojun believes that Cisco, as an old-fashioned communication equipment manufacturer in an old capitalist country, although for some reason, its market share in China has declined, and the gold content of certificates has also declined, it is still a powerful communication company. , its certification is still of higher value.


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