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The magic of TikTok for business: an irreplaceable tool that sets ventures up for success

Today’s world is mainly digital, and almost everything revolves around social media. For businesses, platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook represent incredible tools to help them reach new heights, as there’s no faster way to increase your target audience than engaging with potential customers on social media. Many entrepreneurs leverage the power of social platforms to build brand awareness, and ever since TikTok’s popularity has exploded, business owners have also taken advantage of this spectacular platform to promote their services or products in a genuine way. Let’s take a look at TikTok’s impact on the business world.

TikTok is a game-changer for businesses, making it impossible to ignore it

TikTok has emerged as a major player in the social media landscape – since its launch in 2016, its popularity has grown like wildfire, translating into enormous opportunities for ventures. According to Statista, TikTok users watch more than 167 million hours of videos in just one minute. Moreover, the app has recorded 3 billion installations on user devices – that’s a lot! Since most of the platform’s users are millennials (who make up the largest generation of customers), the platform is an excellent tool for businesses to connect with them in a way that appeals to them. As a TikTok study has shown, 37% of the platform’s users immediately seek to purchase a product after discovering it. Hence, businesses that don’t unlock the magic of TikTok risk being left behind, missing the opportunity to reach a broader customer base.

TikTok is unparalleled when it comes to increasing your reach organically. Regardless of how many customers you now have, TikTok can be your ticket to connecting to loads of new customers – as long as you post the right content. However, if this seems too daunting, there is also the possibility of getting tons of TikTok followers by using a service designed to help you boost your visibility on the platform – for instance, offers excellent pricing plans, helping your account grow in an affordable and effective way.

TikTok supports many types of ads, from In-Feed Ads and TopViewAds to Brand Takeover Ads and Branded Hashtag challenges, each with a different purpose and outcome. So, if you’ve been wondering where to invest in advertising, TikTok is undoubtedly an excellent bet. TikTok audiences are very receptive to branded content, so if you put in the effort to make your ads as appealing as possible and offer value to users, this will likely make a significant difference in your campaigns.

TikTok is built around trends, so keeping an eye on them is key to success

TikTok is home to all kinds of trends, whether memes, ASMRs, POVs, and more. Simply put, a trend is a clip that goes viral – once it kicks off, others are likely to follow the trend as long as the content is fresh. Trends can go a long way in helping small businesses grow – if you hop early on them, you can get millions of views, boosting brand awareness. If you’re new to the platform, you may find TikTok pretty chaotic when first starting to use it. However, there are some simple ways to stay on track of the latest TikTok trends, like checking out the Discover page or creating your own For You page by spending time on the app and engaging with videos based on your interests.

You don’t necessarily have to join a TikTok challenge or do a viral dance in order to grow business visibility – not if that won’t make any sense to your brand. Luckily, there are many other evergreen trends to choose from, such as POVs, which have an easy-to-replicate format and allow you to adapt the content according to your own business goals. For instance, you can post a video presenting the POV of a brand’s biggest fan waiting for the next service or product announcement. A day-in-the-life trend can also help you attract more customers – TikTok users are interested in finding out how entrepreneurs make use of every single day, so sharing these behind-the-scenes clips will likely capture their attention as they scroll through plenty of videos.

As you explore TikTok, it’s important to remember that the platform isn’t about being too serious and showing how professional your business is. While it’s true that many users use the app specifically to look for brands and products, the majority of people on the platform want to be entertained when watching those videos. So, forget about the traditional ways of promoting your business, and instead, relax and reveal the fun side of your business – if you do so, you will likely gain loyal customers and boost your sales considerably.

However, you still want to focus on creating a strong personal brand. TikTok users don’t open the app just to watch dance challenges – they also look for people to inspire them. Therefore, leveraging the platform can help you define your brand, allowing you to connect with your audience in an authentic way. Let’s say you run a hair styling business. If so, why not use TikTok to your advantage and become the authority on curly cuts? Similarly, if you are a nutritionist, you can post videos where you debunk diet myths – by providing such valuable information to users, you will succeed in boosting engagement, thus building a meaningful relationship with them. This will ultimately help you stay relevant and achieve better results.

Are you ready to tap into the power of TikTok for business?

During the past years, TikTok’s popularity has increased significantly, becoming a powerful instrument for businesses to gain more brand awareness and sell their products effectively. Given TikTok’s massive engagement rate – which surpasses other social media platforms – it only makes sense to build a winning TikTok strategy for your business.

In order to do so, you’ll have to stay on top of the latest trends on the platform and participate in those that are most relevant to your business. What are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow and make some fun TikTok videos to up your business game.