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The Importance of Personalised Customer Experience in iGaming

All customers want to feel special and valued by the brands they support. As online gambling is getting more and more popular, the best way for iGaming operators to stand out is to work on providing a personalized customer experience. Personalization promotes customer retention, helps marketing efforts, and drives revenue growth.

AI-Powered Recommendations Increase Convenience

When iGaming operators invest in personalization, they make their customers feel seen. People gravitate toward the brands that make sure to communicate their appreciation for and knowledge of customers.
Among other things, this creates a sense of exclusivity. For example, personal live dealers in casinos are trained to show players that they are more than the revenue they bring. In turn, customers are often willing to pay more for being treated like they truly matter.
This can be achieved in different ways, but AI-powered recommendations are one of the key ones. Most online casino operators have a wide selection of casino games, but every customer has their own unique preferences. When operators make the most out of the data they collect on customers, they can use AI to predict what each player enjoys and will likely play next. As a result, online casinos get to increase playing time and investment by making relevant recommendations (not unlike those Netflix and other streaming services do).

Personalized iGaming Experience Promotes Trust

Although the attitudes toward iGaming have slowly been shifting in recent years, there is still a stigma when it comes to gambling, regardless of whether it happens in land-based casinos or online. iGaming remains illegal in many countries, which is why new players often struggle to find a licensed and safe operator who complies with gambling laws and deserves trust. Personalization is a great way to change this.
It is not a secret that personalized customer experience increases customer satisfaction levels massively. When a player does not have to spend hours searching for the game that fits their taste or can access customer service representatives in a matter of minutes, it is only natural that they will stick with the operator who makes this happen. What is more, players spread the word about it to their friends in search of an iGaming platform. Referrals are the easiest way to gain trust – so investment in building a personalized customer experience ensures a steady inflow of new clientele.

It Is Great Marketing

As discussed, data collection is what drives a personalized player experience. Great recommendations are only one of the many advantages it creates for online casino operators. There are three core components to personalization: what customers like, what their intention is, and why they value a particular operator above competitors. These are the questions that every iGaming operator should seek to answer and use in marketing.
For example, while some players prioritize winning, others are into gambling for the sheer fun of it. Depending on which of the two groups the majority of the audience belongs to, the operator can decide whether to focus on financial incentives (say, great bonuses) or invest in unique gameplay features which the competitors do not have.

Personalization Ensures Customer Retention

Numbers support the idea that referrals and customer retention (achieved largely thanks to personalized customer experience) are exceptional for marketing. Returning customers not only bring their friends and bet more but are also more likely to forgive the operator any inconveniences or try a new product or service it offers.
In addition to data collection (with resulting improved recommendations and custom-tailored marketing), operators can improve personalization with special offers and event-triggered marketing. It works especially well when operators combine limited-time promotions (for example, on Christmas) with special personalized offers for individual returning players.