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The Gracious F: Conveying Aesthetic value to Businesses through Advanced Color Science Therapy

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky, a celebrated Russian painter.
Colors play a pivotal role in human lives and can be used to cause psychological reactions. Colors have the potential to bring positivity, harmony and peace around our surroundings. Right combination of colors helps an individual to become more confident, patient and self-assured. Not only does colors have a psychological impact on the humans but various studies have proved that it has Business impact as well. According to a recent independent research, 90% of all product assessments are based on color alone whereas color accounts for 85% of the rationale behind consumers purchasing a specific product. Right colors affect conversions which resulted into greater profit.
The science of applying color therapy in our life, for bringing positive changes requires an expert “Color consultant” with a deep expertise in science of color therapy. One such global influential name in the field of color consultancy is “The Gracious F”. Incepted in 2008, Dubai based The Gracious F provides its services in color consulting, personal styling and feng shui for both corporate and personal spaces. The Gracious F advises individuals through different aspects of life on a personal and professional level using the science of Color Therapy. It has a battery of fashion experts who have the proficiency of bringing the aesthetics scope in each project by assisting companies and individuals with their branding and corporate identities, in addition to advising them on their corporate and retail space, by implementing modern interior design strategies enhanced by Feng Shui. The firm is working very closely with interior designing firms, art galleries and visual merchandising teams to apply the Color Affect System.
An anecdote on effectiveness of their Services
Taking a live example of one of its retail client, which was facing the problem of constant demotivation and low productivity among their personnel’s .The Gracious F helped the client to locate the missing energy of productivity and wealth by applying Feng Shui rules and appropriate colors to enhance the productivity of client’s business; by aiding the employees to build their focus. As a result, employees became motivated, committed and more energetic towards the brand and further leaded the company towards expansion and opening of another new retail branch.
Challenges in Fashion Industry
The biggest challenge this firm has faced was to explain the importance of color therapy and psychology and its positive effects on clients but as time evolved, “The Gracious F” has learned to use different methods of public relations and education to build an understanding of the concept.
Today, it has established itself as the leading aesthetic consultant in the Middle East and a prominent global player in this space by successfully collaborating and serving many international and local enterprises. Hublot, Clinique, Vhernier, Miracles, Duchess, Designer Empire, Crate&Barrel are some its prominent clients.
Effect of Technology on Fashion Industry
There are numerous advantages which technology is bringing to the fashion industry; like Interior designing firms are using the technological advancement factor to showcase the right colors through virtual reality to their clients before the implementation stage. Another technological enhancement that has been added to the color consultation business is helping individuals with psychological disorders to recover easily.
A Modernistic & Dashing Personality leading “The Gracious F”
The motivation factor behind the creation of this prominent Aesthetics and lifestyle consulting brand is it Founder Fatima E. Al Shirawi – a modern independent woman from the United Arab Emirates.
Color fascinates her; and she has always been passionate about colors since childhood. She believes that colors play an important role in everyone’s day-to-day life. Right combination of colors help a person in enhancing their mood to certain situation and also boost energy and motivation level. She started her professional journey at the London College of Fashion where she honed the vital skills of Fashion Designing. Later her fascination about the colors and its advantages which it brings to everyone’s life pulled her towards the color consultant course. Under the mentorship of expert color psychologist Angela Wright, she nurtured herself as a color consultant from the Color Affects Institute.
While moving onto the successful career path of color consultant, she realized that the element of the Feng Shui has an added bonus in balancing colors. Fatima Al Shirawi is the first and only business woman to introduce the concept of Feng Shui and Color Consultation in the Middle East. She believes that Feng Shui is a different kind of science which if applied appropriately, has the potential to achieve a balanced and productive life and can also help in controlling emotions and environments. She is a gracious and warm personality who always believes in building trust and confidence among clients through cutting-edge qualitative work. She feels delighted to see the remarkable changes that people have gone through after they have experienced their first color consultation, especially once they start to apply the colors that she advised for them to use in their wardrobe or their business using the Color Affects System.
Future Prospective
The firm has the ambition and deep appetite to expand its business footprint outside the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region as they have started to introduce the Color Affect System to educational institutes and universities in order to help professionals and students enhance their skills. Gracious F is also committed and will continue to offer the world an ultimate color experience through their innovative services.