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Paul Salnikow | Founder & CEO | The Executive Centre

The Executive Centre: Workspaces that Spell Success

The importance of an engaging workspace can be gauged by the fact that a working professional, on an average, spends around one-third of their life at their workplace. A great workspace, apart from being a basic facility and necessity, acts as a motivational factor for people to work.
However, creating such a workspace which takes care of all the needs of employees, requires more efforts than one thinks. An organization can either decide to take on the full responsibility of creating a beautiful workspace which requires the input of project managers, contractors, design specialists, IT support and more, or they can get in touch with a company that has been in the game long enough to ace it.
For the past 25 years, one company has been at the forefront, providing flexible workspaces to a diverse corporate membership, with over 135 centres in 32 cities and 14 countries across Greater China, Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and the Middle East. That company is The Executive Centre (TEC), Asia’s third-largest flexible workspace business.
TEC provides the highest quality Enterprise Solutions, private, virtual, and coworking spaces,each equipped with meeting facilities, video conferencing and a broad range of business concierge services.
Since its foundation in 1994, the company has built a membership of over 27K+ distinguished professionals and has facilitated connection among this impressive community, as well as continued personal and professional growth in over 3.03 million sq. feet of collaborative workspaces.
Located in the most prestigious buildings in the central business district of each city, TEC is dedicated to serving multinational corporations, small/medium enterprises, and start-ups locally, regionally and internationally with the most flexible and dynamic workplace solutions.
 Impeccably Designed Spaces for Everyone
Based on a ‘Members first’ philosophy, The Executive Centre has created a community of like-minded professionals and strives to provide businesses with an opportunity to ‘work smarter, not
harder’. As the leading premium serviced office provider, TEC looks after its Members’ businesses as if they were its own.
Having evolved alongside Members, TEC is always anticipating new ways to facilitate business and personal growth. The TEC Community fosters connections between the growing membership, giving them opportunities to collaborate and share information.
For The Executive Centre, Members remain at the core of their business. As a result, TEC’s average tenancy is 36 months (despite an average contract of 12 months) and continues to rise. With an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 67, TEC ranks exceptionally high in terms of customer loyalty and satisfaction. The company provides an elevated workspace experience that anticipates Members’ needs, in-center activities that promote work and life balance, and an integrated digital ecosystem that helps increase efficiency and access.
TEC’s niche workspaces fall under the following categories:
Enterprise Solutions – A workspace is completely customized to suit a Member’s business. Everything from layout to branding, IT infrastructure, and operational duties are handled by in-house experts to create a tailored place designed to ensure Member success.
Private Workspaces (Serviced Offices) Ready to move into, private workspaces are impeccably designed in form and function to meet business needs. Members can enjoy elevated work experience and complimentary first-class business services with access to events, community programming and Members-only lounges.
Coworking – A flexible approach to work, this is a collective space that offers a flexible way of working that fits in with Members’ life and schedule. Coworking offers more than just a desk.
It is designed to maximize productivity and facilitate connections with like-minded professionals thanks to a robust community ecosystem.
Virtual Office – Break the mould of four-walls and a fixed desk to establish and maintain a constant professional presence with a distinguished business address. TEC’s Virtual Office allows the freedom and flexibility to work wherever one wants, with the added benefit of accessing TEC’s global network of locations.
Meeting & Conference Facilities – From a small business meeting to a conference with a stage; TEC has a space to fit your needs. All of its meeting and conference spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and supported by on-hand experts. They are available for use by both Members and non-members of TEC.
Business Concierge Services – TEC’s Business Concierge services have been established to provide Members with assistance in a variety of areas. Providing invaluable knowledge and business support on matters including HR, secretarial, translation, business registration and more.
Redefining Leadership
Paul Salnikow is the Founder of The Executive Centre. He is also the privately held group’s Chairman and CEO and has, over the past twenty-five years, shaped the business into its current form. Under Paul’s leadership, TEC is changing global occupancy solutions.
Each Centre has a bespoke design to meet the needs of its Members, with solutions ranging from completely customized and private workspaces, to shared lounge areas and meeting/conference rooms. As the workforce desires more connected, collaborative, and mobile workspaces, TEC has evolved in response. TEC’s portfolio of Centres are diverse and adapted to suit the varied functional and stylistic needs of its Members.
Paul has led The Executive Centre’s expansion in China, India and other high growth markets throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East, generating 20% year-on-year growth for the company since 2005. This growth is driven by Paul’s passion for TEC’s community. He considers himself just another one of the 27K TEC Members, an elite group of business executives and entrepreneurs that are driving the business.
Trendsetters in the Industry
The current market dynamic of the flexible workspace industry shows that while there are opportunities for operators, landlords and tenants alike, a strategic, considered and cooperative approach will be essential for success.
The rise in demand for flex workspaces is attributed to periods of economic uncertainty, which makes it hard to accurately predict headcount, making businesses wary of committing to fixed spaces.
Additionally, the rise of the customization economy which has led to the growth of subscription services in tech, retail and hospitality is finally reaching the real estate sector. The industry is at a crossroads, but thanks to its solid foundation, The Executive Centre is excited for what lies ahead.
The convergence of market and industry dynamics have led TEC to develop its Enterprise Solution model following a steady increase in demand for largescale, bespoke projects. From the initial search and selection of a property, through to the complete build-out of a fully customized office solution, an Enterprise Solution leverages TEC’s years of experience and network of contacts developed in decades of operation as a market leader. This product marks an innovative, profitable and responsive way forward for the flexible workspace industry, one that TEC is proud to pioneer.
Exemplifying Business Excellence
The heart and soul of The Executive Centre’s branches is the Engagement Team, a group of highly trained concierge personnel who provide local knowledge and business support to Members, ensuring a smooth transition into their new workspace. These workspaces are the result of years of experience, anticipating the needs of business professionals across all industries. They are designed to create an environment that is innovative, flexible and exceptionally functional for both Members and TEC’s employees.
TEC’s workspaces are fully realized spaces, each balancing the capabilities of technology to support productivity, an understanding of ergonomics and workspace dynamics, and an expressive aesthetic to create a designed experience.
Flexible height-adjustable workstations or desks, optimum workstation density, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, which accommodates any number of commonly adopted work positions or styles are all hallmarks of a TEC Centre.
These design details ensure that the Centre supports a diverse array of activities and preferences at work with tools and structures that prioritize fundamental human needs. It is per the Herman Miller understanding of wellness in the workplace which insists that good design should respond to the environment and that ergonomics is inherently connected to wellbeing.
Beholding the Future
Paul’s vision for The Executive Centre is to further foster a community within the company’s global network, providing Members with both the physical space and the digital platforms necessary to collaborate, share knowledge and grow both personally and professionally.
New offerings like Enterprise Solution allows for all the bespoke elements that TEC’s Members love, just on a much larger scale. The company’s growth strategy will continue to focus on markets where it is meeting and even out-performing its own expectations.
 “We are uncompromising in our intent to provide corporates with workspaces that not only meet but exceed their every need. We are excited to introduce new cities and countries to our portfolio, capitalizing on our success in existing markets, reimagining our established Centres as well as working with our Members and landlords in new capacities. There’s a lot to look forward to.” concludes Paul.