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The Creative Momentum: Revolutionizing Day-to-Day Businesses with Creative UI/UX Solutions

Technology evolves quickly, bringing new gadgets to market all the time. New devices change how users interact with this technology, requiring UI/UX solutions to adapt.
Users access mobile devices for shopping, entertainment, recreational activities and general research. Desktop/laptop usage still steadily leans towards in-depth research and daily office work.
As we know, younger generations interact with their devices differently and cannot imagine a time we lived without them. B2C business has shifted to reach these users. B2B is also evolving by providing employees laptop and mobile devices with high screen resolution and all the functionality previously reserved for desktops.
Every industry is moving faster into the future with new mobile technology and Virtual Reality (VR). The Creative Momentum is leading the way with UI/UX solutions across multiple industries because clients seek them out specifically for their expertise on those solutions. Whereas many clients did not know what UI/UX is, now the industry is seeing a shift with clients looking for UI/UX from the beginning.
The Creative Momentum services businesses in every field – healthcare, technology, financial services, aviation, media and entertainment and more – including companies ranked in the Fortune 50. Basically, there isn’t an industry or business size they haven’t touched and UI/UX influences all of them.
Extraordinary performance has won The Creative Momentum three consecutive annual awards as the fastest growing privately held company in Atlanta by Atlanta Business Chronicle and, most recently, a spot on the Inc. 5,000. With over 100 industry awards, reports suggest The Creative Momentum has made more progress in growth and revenue than any other digital agency in the last 5+ years.
The Creative Momentum – Thriving by Moving Businesses Forward
The Creative Momentum started their journey in the field of custom web design and development in 2012, growing their client list from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies in just a very short span of few years. Their rise in success is startling and unfettered, reported as more successful than any other agency in the timeframe from which they originated.
The web design process gives businesses the perfect opportunity to rethink their entire branding and marketing strategies. Clients happy with the web design process began looking to The Creative Momentum for further creative and marketing influence. So, The Creative Momentum began growing their service offerings to include Branding, Inbound Marketing, SEO, PPC, mobile app development, explainer videos, software development, and more.
Thriving in the Atlanta community, The Creative Momentum now services clients globally in high-tech B2B, B2C, healthcare, consulting, security and non-profit industries.
The Creative Momentum Lead by User-first Advocate
With a mission to provide user-first designs, ultimate creative and everlasting UI/UX solutions to his clients, Carl Widdowson, CEO at The Creative Momentum, co-founded the company in 2012. With a degree in Arts, Multimedia and Web Design from Art Institute of Atlanta and extraordinary experience spanning almost a decade, Widdowson is passionate about leading with enthusiastic team collaboration, visibility and determination.
UI/UX has increasingly interested clients over the years because they realize a great user experience ultimately means conversions, which leads to revenue. UI/UX is about getting the user information relevant to what they’re searching.” – Carl Widdowson, CEO.
The Leadership Which Lead the Team towards Success
Co-founders Carl Widdowson and Michael White began The Creative Momentum for a single purpose – to provide an amazing digital marketing experience from beginning to end.
Carl is a visionary Creative Director with custom websites of Fortune 100 companies on his dossier. Mashable contacted Widdowson for his input on The New York Times website redesign. Carl also oversees all creative vision and strategy at The Creative Momentum.
Company President Michael White leads overall business vision, revenue, and operations. His guidance helped The Creative Momentum recently rank on the Inc. 5000 list, become a 3-time recipient of the Pacesetter Award for being among the top 100 fastest growing private companies in Atlanta by Atlanta Business Chronicle, and rank nationally for web design and development for the past five years.
Revolutionizing Business Process
Fusing technology and design may be revolutionary, but The Creative Momentum operates with a traditional “client’s needs first, then the client’s customer” approach.
Treating clients as partners clears the way and allows them to effectively concentrate on the UI/UX experience. The Creative Momentum has worked on a wide range of projects, varying in scope, from a software involving ultrasound technology to help hospitals more effectively use their data and machines accurately. In the aviation industry, they enabled users to control in-flight entertainment and gave the user full access to control the experience through their mobile or laptop devices.
In-depth Service Specialties
UI/UX – At The Creative Momentum, the user comes first and all designs and conversions reflect it. Web designers study their clients thoroughly, learn who the user is and create a UI/UX strategy that fits them perfectly. All designs are mobile responsive, considering every platform a user may interact with on a website.
Inbound Marketing – Studies in inbound marketing prove it is the best way to attract the right visitors to your website. The Creative Momentum uses a combination of quality blogging, gating valuable content, utilizing social media to engage with users regularly and keeping SEO up-to-date. Staff copywriters create the language for websites, landing pages, blogs, social media, email marketing and more.
The Facilities Are Expanding
In 2016, The Creative Momentum outgrew their space and moved to an office in Roswell, more than doubling their square footage. They designed the space themselves and have grown more than 408% in the past 3 years. The culture is fun and collaborative with open offices, a lounge, coffee bar and recreational activities. All of this was designed to inspire creativity.
Relationships with Clients & Employees
To The Creative Momentum, no client is the same. Starting from zero with everyone, clients are not painted into a corner at any point in the process, from the RFI/RFP stage all the way to project completion. Treating each product as a unique one-off leaves room for creativity, inspiration and hard work. They consult every client personally to ensure transparency and honesty, which ultimately leads to a product the client loves.
Widdowson says, “We love to meet with clients face-to-face. It paves the way to open communication, so uneasy feelings are addressed right away. Meeting the needs of our clients is actually very easy because we have a comprehensive discovery phase.”
Employees are encouraged to continue education and maintain a work/life balance. “We believe culture is downright contagious in a great and transforming way that benefits our organization and ultimately impacts the customer. That won’t go away.”
And that is what has helped The Creative Momentum to earn more than 100 industry awards in the few short years since they have been open, continuing to grow and recently rank on the Inc. 5000. Atlanta Business Chronicle has given them the Pacesetter Award consecutively for 3 years, recognizing them as one of the top 100 fastest growing, privately-held companies in the Atlanta area.

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