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The Cheapest Skins For Knives in CS2

Knives in CS2 have a faster attack speed than most firearms. A character with a knife in his hands can move faster than with other weapons. This allows players to move around the map more actively and efficiently. For such an important weapon, it’s good to have decent skins. Considering that the average monthly number of CS2 players is around 750,000, it is important for you to stand out in the community. In this article written by eZstah, you will learn about the most budget and interesting skins for knives, since they are not cheap and not every player can afford them. We also recommend using the Profilerr service to analyze player settings and view CS2 team rankings, which has a positive effect on the player’s activity and development in the game.

What Determines The Cost of Knives in CS2?

The cost of knife skins in the game is influenced by three indicators: wear (float), the presence of statistics collection technology (StatTrak), item rarity, and market trends.


Weapons in CS2 have five levels of wear:

  • Factory New – perfect quality, the knife is free of any scratches or abrasions.
  • Minimal Wear – the knife has minimal abrasions, which can only be noticed upon closer examination.
  • Field-Tested – this level of wear will look and therefore be valued differently on skins. For some knives, light abrasions are quite acceptable and will be highly valued by the market. Other skins will be significantly damaged by these scratches, and the market value of such items will be low.
  • Well-Worn – due to numerous damages on such knives it is quite difficult to examine the design, but with great difficulty.
  • Battle-Scarred – on skins of this quality, the design is almost invisible, and their market value is minimal.

Collecting Murder Statistics

Knives equipped with this technology can track such important characteristics as murders. The number of kills a player gets with a StatTrak knife can be noticed on the blade near the handle. It is worth noting that according to statistics, only 10% of items in CS2 have this technology.

Skin Rarity

All items in CS2 are divided into 8 rarity categories. Each of them shows the chance of an item falling out of the case and directly affects its cost.

  • Consumer Grade – such items are highlighted in white in the interface, and the chance of obtaining them exceeds 90%.
  • Industrial Grade – blue color and 79.9%.
  • Mil-Spec – dark blue, 50%.
  • Restricted – purple color, 16%.
  • Classified—pink color, 3.2%.
  • Covert – red color, 0.64%.
  • Contraband – gold color, 0.26%.

Market Trends

The item market in CS2 is minimally controlled by Valve and therefore is subject to the same laws of supply and demand as any other market. And the demand for knife skins can change for many reasons. The ability to track them can allow you to save or even earn a lot of money.

Navaja Knife | Boreal Forest

This is the cheapest knife in CS2. It has the maximum degree of wear, but this even adds to its brutality. This butterfly knife is the same age as the game itself, and its price has remained virtually unchanged for 11 years, with the exception of one anomalous peak in 2015 – then this item cost as much as $500! Perhaps this purchase will be an unexpectedly successful investment for you.

Shadow Daggers | Safari Mesh

A characteristic feature of Shadow Daggers is the two blades pointing in opposite directions. These melee weapons are available in a variety of skin options, allowing players to choose from a variety of designs and styles.

These small hand knives in green mesh colors look impressive and are extremely useful in battle. Despite the formally average degree of wear, it is quite difficult to examine the damage on them. You can actually buy such a skin for $70-80; Safari Mesh in a higher quality form is naturally more expensive.

Navaja Knife | Ultraviolet

Navaja is one of the types of knives in the game CS2. This knife was added to the game in 2018. The Navaja knife stands out for its unique blade shape, which resembles a dagger blade. Like other knives in CS2, the Navaja can come in a variety of skins, including standard and rarer variants.

This is the cheapest skin with StatTrak technology. This design doesn’t look the best in Battle-Scarred wear. But in this price category, this is the only option to try out this technology. The knife appeared in the game in 2019 and since then has never ceased to arouse interest among players.

Falchion Knife | Safari Mesh

A falchion is a knife with a short blade that widens towards the end and a long handle. The Safari Mesh skin is especially suitable for this weapon, as its long handle allows you to see the pattern better. In addition, you simply won’t find a falchion option cheaper than this.

Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT

A Bowie knife is a type of a cleaver with an arc-shaped blade. This is a more expensive type of knife than Navaja or butcher knives. If you prefer knives with a camouflage design that can be hidden from enemies, then this is a great solution.

Shadow Daggers | Freehand

Another cheap knife in KS2 and the best option for those who care about aesthetics. These purple butt knives are painted with unusual patterns and with low levels of wear, you can clearly see them. This item will definitely attract the attention of all your friends.

Shadow Daggers | Bright Water

Small hand knives in a marine color. They are notable for being one of the most budget-friendly options for “Factory New” wear. This is a rare chance to purchase an impeccable-looking item at a relatively low price.

Wrapping It Up

The knife is an effective weapon in close combat. It deals high damage and can be used to quickly eliminate an enemy, especially when there is not enough time to reload the main weapon. If you have a limited budget for knife skins, we recommend that you pay attention to the budget options from this article. You can also use the Profilerr service to analyze settings about players and take advantage of such useful services as crosshair generator, bind generator, and many others. The service is available around the clock wherever you are – in New York (USA) or Toronto (Canada).