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The best services for essay writing

Essay writing has never been so easy. 20 years ago students had to cope with academic tasks individually. They could turn to friends or family for help, but there were no guarantees of high-quality and zero plagiarism. They could also turn to some essay writing services, but there were several obstacles:

  • it was too expensive;
  • a student had to go to the company’s office;
  • there weren’t many essay services so it was hard to find them;
  • it was hard to define a reliable company.

The rise of the Internet changed everything. Nowadays, students can just Google an essay writing company, pay for the order online and get the papers done within several hours. However, there appeared other problems:

  • many companies are scams;
  • a lot of companies don’t guarantee security and zero plagiarism;
  • the amount of companies is very big so it is hard to choose the best one.

Moreover, students usually don’t have enough time to do proper research to define a trustworthy essay writing service. That is why we decided to help them and conducted our own research. We analyzed 200 online essay writing services and created a rank. In this article, we review the best of five essay companies.

Which service should I choose to get my perfect essay ready?

Choosing an essay writing service appears to be a simple task. There are a lot of reviews on the Web. You may also look through Reddit threads to discover the finest service. However, we found out that it is not enough to check the online reputation of the company. The reason is that it is very easy to create an illusion of positive feedback. That is why it is necessary to check more factors:

  • registration;
  • security;
  • website design and load speed;
  • prices;
  • experience;
  • security;
  • guarantees;
  • policies;
  • writers’ qualifications;
  • customer support quality.

There are some more factors that can help to define a reliable company. For example, we gave some additional points to those services that provide a blog for essay writing or share some essay examples.

1. — The best paper service for all academic levels

We want to start with a company that impressed us the most and proved that it is the best on the Web. Here we talk about skilled write my paper service WritingAPaper. We didn’t manage to find at least one negative point about this company. Moreover, the online reputation of this company shows that there aren’t any cons at all.
So, let’s start with registration. This brand is owned by DDW Corp Limited – a company that runs online essay writing services for more than 10 years. has registered 6 years ago and now it has skilled writers and support managers across the globe.
Except for a long history, they already finished almost 16 thousand orders. Especially for us, such an amount is impossible. Yet it seems that for it was quite easy. The reason is that we placed 5 orders immediately and all of them were completed perfectly:

  1. The first order was to write a business essay within 6 hours. We got a paper within 2 hours and a writer even shared some sources to learn the material if the tutor would like us to defend an essay.
  2. The second order was to write a research paper in History within a week. We got the paper in 5 days. The most surprising fact was that a writer contacted us several times to approve some facts before adding them to the paper. This was necessary to create an illusion that the paper was written by a student rather than by an expert author.
  3. The third order was to write a scholarship essay with a 3 days deadline. We got the papers on a third day with 12 hours left. Yet, one of our friends, who is a professor at the University of Chicago, said that a paper is brilliant.
  4. The fourth order was to write a law essay within 2 weeks. We thought that such simple orders would be completed less responsively. Yet, we got the essay within 2 days.
  5. The fifth order was to do homework on math in 12 hours. We got the papers within 5 hours and there weren’t any mistakes there.

What is the conclusion to all of these orders? We are eager to suggest that each of the 700 writers is a real professional. They proved all of the guarantees that are represented on the company’s website. And they are ready to satisfy all the student’s wishes.
The results encouraged us to learn more about the writers. Here are some facts, that a support manager told us:

  • 70% of writers hold a Ph.D.;
  • every writer has at least 2 years of writing experience;
  • each writer has their own base of sources to create unique essays.

The most satisfying fact is that every half a year, obliges writers to pass tests to prove their knowledge and English level. Thus, they always know that the writers will provide high-quality results.
As soon as this company has 700 writers, they manage to cover all the disciplines and subjects. Thus, turning to, you can ask for help with the following:

  • essay writing (any type);
  • personal statement writing;
  • dissertation writing;
  • coursework writing;
  • article review writing;
  • term paper writing;
  • thesis writing;
  • others.

If you place an order on a writing task, you get formatting and title page for free. Nonetheless, if you finished the writing stage individually, you can still ask this company for help. They provide editing and proofreading assistance as well. All of the testimonials show that WritingAPaper may quickly improve your documents.
We really appreciated the UI&UX design of the website, which is incredibly user-friendly. We didn’t need to spend a lot of time to find the necessary service or information about a company. Moreover, all the pages load very fast. This means that the company takes care of every aspect to ensure client-oriented service.
The last thing that we want to mention is customer support proficiency. Firstly, we have always contacted a real person immediately. Secondly, all the agents that we communicated with were very polite. Thirdly, they know everything about the company’s services since they answered immediately. Finally, they helped us to place the 3rd order correctly.
Compared to all of the companies that we analyzed, is the best service. All of the features are very affordable. So, whenever you need academic writing help, you can turn to this service and get guaranteed help of high-quality.

2. — Professional writers, Great bidding system

Here we come to the next service that surprised us a lot. The best thing that we liked about is that they established a bidding system. There are a lot of companies with such an approach. Yet, this service is the best among others. So, what is the bidding system and how is it implemented on
Normally, you indicate requirements, see the price, pay it and get the available writer assigned. 70% of essay writing services work like that. The bidding system changes the rules. In this case, you share requirements, set the price that you are ready to pay and choose among the available writers according to your order parameters.
In other words, services with a bidding system allow users to rule everything, including the price (yet, there is always a minimum price for every certain order). Why do we suggest the best company with a bidding system?
The first reason is that they have more than 800 writers and about 60% of them hold a Ph.D. Thus, you can always be sure that by searching for a writer at this company, you will get proficient paper writing help.
The second reason is that they also have a great team of supervisors. These are managers, who coordinate writers and control the workload. Moreover, they take care of quality assurance for every order. Thus, the writer can’t pass the document to a customer directly. Such a system allows to avoid a lot of misunderstanding and provides more guarantees of high-quality.
The third reason is that has a great team of support agents. Firstly, they can guide you through placing an order. Secondly, they can help to choose the writer that helped you with previous orders. Thirdly, they can coordinate with you on other questions related to the service.
The fourth reason is a very responsive approach to security. Except for SSL encryption, they never allow a writer or a support manager to see the real name of a customer. After creating an order, you get a unique customer ID. Thus, your professor will notify you that you have used essay writing help online only if you tell him it yourself.
Finally, this organisation has been offering essay writing assistance for over ten years. At the same time, each writer has at least 2 years of experience. The bidding system is built in such a way that a writer with small experience in a certain discipline won’t be proposed to a very complex project.

3. — Best for student’s research papers and all kinds of assignments

The research paper is a very annoying kind of paper since a student has to analyze a lot of sources and create a small and structured conclusion for a certain question. As a result, many students begin to think to themselves, “write my paper for me,” and seek research paper writing services.
Although 2 previous companies can easily cope with such a task, we suggest that is the best service for getting research paper writing help online.
Firstly, they encourage writers to analyze the latest information on certain topics and disciplines. At the same time, they oblige writers to monitor the requirements for research paper writing. Thus, if you ask this company for research paper help, they will know what you need immediately and won’t ask any additional questions.
Secondly, their writers have at least 2 years of experience in writing. Moreover, they assign writers with 100+ orders completed to research paper orders. Thus, they take care of the final result.
Thirdly, they prove their proficiency in research paper writing with a blog. You can read some articles and find a lot of useful tips for this type of paper. At the same time, they always update a list of research paper topics for different disciplines. This means that their writers are always aware of trends and can create an urgent paper according to the user’s requirements.
Fourthly, they have a satisfying pricing policy. You simply have to spend $13 per page for a high school research paper with a 14-day deadline. An average price on other services is $15 per page.
Finally, you can always keep in touch with your author on a personal account. Thus, if you want to change some requirements, you can discuss them with your writer. If you need to get some sources that the writer used for research paper help, you can ask him to provide such.
A lot of customers claimed on Reddit that is the best company to get research paper writing help. So, if you can’t handle your study on your own, don’t hesitate to place an order here.

4. —  Best service for solving the difficult homework tasks

There isn’t any student that likes all the homework assignments. Firstly, many tasks are repeated. Secondly, there is too much homework each week. Thus, the idea of delegating homework writing to an expert isn’t something unusual. And we’ve discovered the greatest service for doing challenging homework assignments.
The first thing we want to claim about is that they cover all the subjects:

  • math;
  • calculus;
  • computer sciences;
  • chemistry;
  • engineering;
  • accounting;
  • history;
  • law;
  • programming;
  • nursing;
  • literature;
  • English;
  • others.

If you think that you have the most unique homework assignment in the world, try to impress the team. We ordered several tasks from them to analyze the quality of papers and were surprised to get the final drafts within 4-5 hours.
Secondly, all of their writers are very experienced. We have analyzed some of the writers and found out that they already coped with 200+ orders (including the experience before working with That means that they know all the peculiarities of homework assignments.
Thirdly, we checked the online reputation of this company and got the main idea: knows its business. They always take care of customers, in addition to producing high-quality papers. Many users claimed that they are very satisfied with the personal account and high proficiency of the support team.
Finally, they established very affordable prices for homework tasks. Why? High school students and college freshmen place the majority of homework orders. All of them usually don’t have much money, so they can’t afford very expensive services. In this case, the team analyzed the average prices and set a lower price for their services.

5. — Best Assignment Help Service

Here we come to the last service on our list. seems to be a common essay writing help company. However, if you look at the testimonials, you’ll find that this organisation has certain distinct characteristics.
Firstly, their writers are encouraged to communicate with a customer even if it is enough information to complete the order. Thus, the first thing that you will like is that they might ask you to provide some examples of your previous written works.
They need it to create the same tone of voice. We loved this a lot since it is of the best guarantee that a professor will not guess that a student turned to a professional essay writing company.
Secondly, every paper is checked on plagiarism with several tools. At the same time, a QA team checks the paper before delivering it to a customer. Thus, you will always get a high-quality draft.
Finally, they entice users to use a service more frequently by offering several discounts and unique offers. sends us the most letters with special offers compared to other services that we analyzed.
If you want to feel yourself the most unique customer, might be the best choice for you.

Essay writing service: Answers to questions

Doing research we found out that students ask a lot of questions about essay writing services. The most surprising fact is that even regular customers still have some questions. After making an essay writing service review we understood that there is some data that is the same for all the companies. In this case, we read some FAQs on different websites and created a list of the most interesting questions.

What should I do if I don’t like the written work?

The most frequent questions regardless of the paper writing service, type of paper and topic. Trustworthy companies provide a lot of guarantees that you will get the desired result. However, even if you don’t like something or the writer didn’t follow all the requirements, you can ask for a revision. Every company from our list provides unlimited free revisions from 10 to 30 days (depending on company’s policy).
Moreover, you can ask to get your money-back. In this case, you have to indicate those things that don’t fit your requirements. The company’s QA team will analyze the text and make a refund.

How quickly can I place an order?

Actually, all of the companies that we analyzed created very convenient order form. Thus, you need to spend about a minute to place an order and 2-3 minutes to pay for it. Yet, at some companies the customer support managers contact you to confirm the requirements before assigning the writer.
Speaking about top-5 companies from our list, you need only 2 minutes to place an order. The rest is in the support department. After placing an order you can also contact your writer in a personal account to add some more requirements.

What should I do if I want a native English speaker to write my paper?

If you turn to the company from the list above, you have to place an order only since they work with ENL writers only. That is the only reason for them to ensure every customer that all of the papers won’t contain any mistakes. If you use the other company, it is better to indicate in requirements that you want an ENL writer to write your paper.

Can I buy essays online confidently and safely?

The companies from our top-5 list provide a lot of guarantees that you will be anonymous and all the data is protected. Firstly, they cooperate with reliable payment providers only. Secondly, they use the latest encryption technologies. Thirdly, their staff signs an NDA where it is mentioned that a writer or a manager can’t disclose any information about a customer.
Thus, you can buy essays online confidently and safely.

Are writing services legal?

Yes, it is legal to use essay writing services. There aren’t any restrictions in law. It is as legal as buying head speakers. At the same time, the companies from our top list are officially registered, so all of them provide writing services legally.


Being a student, you might face a lot of difficulties like challenging tasks, very strict professors, lack of time and so on. The main problem is that all of these things are repeated during the whole studying course. Nonetheless, you can solve at least one issue right now.
With our list of top essay writing companies, you don’t need to struggle with tons of academic tasks anymore. Just choose a company that you liked the most, place an order and have a rest.
With you can forget about stress at all since this company covers a wide range of disciplines and topics. With you can also forget about challenging homework since this company specializes in this type of paper.
So, whenever you need academic writing help, just open the website, indicate your requirements, make a payment and get the papers to achieve the highest results.

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