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The Benefits of Using an LMS in 2020

Why Your Business Needs an LMS in 2020

No matter what size your business is you probably need an LMS. Here you will see 5 different reasons to use a custom LMS.
#1 Onboarding
No matter what size your business is you can streamline your onboarding process with an LMS system. You will want to start with a welcome video and then move into frequently asked questions about the first day.
This will include how to clock in, what to wear, who to contact for help, and introductions to the people that you will be working with. You can use an online document signing program and put the link directly in your onboarding system; create other courses for the onboarding process depending on the position they are taking in your company. Your accounting person does not need to watch forklift training. If you’re a team of one, this can still be useful by documenting all your processes and putting them into a course. This will make it easier to hire a virtual assistant or a freelancer when you are ready to hire some help.
#2 Tracking
When you do any kind of training you need to keep up with who has learned what and who still needs to be trained. Having all your training in a single software like a training management system allows you to do this. As the person signs in to train, you will be able to see what they have watched, how much they have watched, and what they have not started yet. This is one of the core features of most LMS.
You will also have the ability to lock certain training until they have finished the lesson before. This keeps them from going out of order and getting confused another part of tracking is seeing if they actually understand what they learned. You can do this by adding a few quiz questions along the way. If they miss too many of these, you can have them repeat the lesson. If you notice that everyone seems to be failing a particular quiz in a certain area of your training you will want to go back in and have a look and see how you can improve this area of your course. Tracking is about more than seeing who’s watched it, it is seeing who’s learned it.
#3 Continued Education
A great company knows that continued education is an important part of having great employees. Procedures change, software changes and people advance in the company with a LMS. You will be able to go in and edit just the parts you need to as things change. This saves you the time of having to create an entirely new training every time there is a procedure or software change in your company.
#4 Using Your Learning Management System as a Knowledge Database
A learning management system is a great knowledge base for your employees to refer back to when needed. If you decide to make your company handbook in a LMS, your employees will know just where to go when they have questions about maternity leave, insurance, and other HR frequently asked questions. If there is a question you get all the time it should be in that database.
Some companies also require a refresher each year on particular training. Maybe they need to get certified to use a particular piece of equipment each year. A database is a great place to have that training. You can remind the employee a month prior that their certification will be expiring and that they need to bounce in and get this training again. This can be set up as an automated reminder by email with a link to the training. Once they have finished it you will get a message that they have completed the training and are good for another year.
#5 Reduction in Cost
Setting up an LMS for your business is not cheap. The time and labor that will go into the initial setup depend on the size of the business, the number of positions, and specialized training that you have for your employees. But this is a long term investment that once it is up will pay you back. Think of it as investing in a new operating system or an accounting and payroll system, which, by the way, you would need to train your employees to use.
Learning management systems allow your employees to train anytime, anywhere. No more juggling everyone’s schedule to try and find the right time. If you work on a global scale or even with remote employees, this is the perfect solution. Everyone can log in when it is convenient for them and get trained.