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The Benefits Of Goods Lifts In Self-Storage Buildings

We are fast becoming a nation of self-storers. After all, why clutter homes or business premises when items you don’t need all the time can be kept in a storage facility for a relatively small sum of money? Many self-storage businesses are in operation, from the big names to smaller local facilities, so you need something that will make your business stand out.

One of the best ways to be noticed is to offer the best retrieval methods and, if possible, allow customers to access and retrieve their goods. Not only does this reduce the staff you need on-site, but it also gives customers more flexibility. Yet, to offer this kind of service, you must be sure you can do so safely and reliably.

It is a given that customers expect a self-storage facility to take good care of items and keep them safe, so one of the key ways you can stand out from the crowd is efficiency when retrieving items as customers require them. A self-storage goods lift is a benefit that you can’t really afford to be without. It may even allow you to expand to add mezzanine decks to grow your business without moving premises.

Enhancing the customer experience

The ease at which your staff and customers can access, raise, and lower goods safely from mezzanines or higher floors and how you guarantee to protect customers’ property is an essential consideration for those operating in the self-storage sector. Whether you are a large multi-national or a one-of-a-kind, whether you allow customers direct access to their property or have them wait whilst a member of your team retrieves the items, you will need to ensure that the goods can be moved safely and securely and that the customers know it will be done safely and promptly.

Self-storage goods Lifts, or mezzanine goods lifts, as they are sometimes known, can be retrofitted simply within an existing set-up or incorporated within a new build with the minimum of on-site disruption.

Modular-designed goods lifts mean minimal disruption to your operation, and no invasive ground works are required within working units. The option to have your self-storage goods lift powered by a standard 240v mains power supply means it can be up and running quickly.

The custom answer to safely move goods between floors – A self-storage goods lift

The latest design technology means that goods lifts are reliable, efficient, and safe, so you needn’t worry about having customers collect, raise, and lower their goods. Fitted with the latest in HMI touchscreen controls, they are simple to use, safe to use, and will keep the goods being moved securely. It is essential that items, no matter how big or small, whether palletized, boxed, or oversized, a self-storage goods lift will keep them contained, removing the risk of objects falling and injuring customers or staff as they are raised or lowered.

They are faster and safer to use than escalators, conveyor belts, and stairs and can more readily move bulky or heavy items with reduced manual handling, a benefit for both customers and staff. Something that will ensure your clients know you can manage any item they need you to.

Are there any downsides?

Of course, as with all things mechanical, there is the risk of malfunction, but even that has been thought of, and it’s now possible to get the very best in HMI self-fix fault-finding technology, which ensures many issues can be fixed simply on-site, without the need to call in a lift technician.

Choose a supplier that supports their installations with bespoke self-storage goods lifts highlighting proper control usage to reduce user errors and guidance to fix simple errors quickly. You also should consider the safety aspects and ensure that your chosen supplier offers complete safety signage as part of your lift installation. This will ensure that all users know the dangers and can easily understand how to operate the goods lift safely.

Lastly, the benefit of a supplier offering a bespoke design service is the ability to install a lift that matches your corporate image. This all adds to your credibility with customers, a benefit not to dismiss.