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The Benefits of Blogging for Business

It pays to get traffic however you can when you have a business. There are traffic sources everywhere, from online video to text content.

Of all those methods, blogging is one of the most straightforward methods that can pay the most dividends. That’s why it’s no surprise that 86% of B2C companies and 91% of B2B companies use blogging to drive traffic.

So, are you wondering what the benefits of blogging are and if it’s worth it for your company? Here is what you can expect when you build a successful website blog.

Targeted Website Traffic

Finding the right audience is one of the most challenging parts of marketing online. You need to find the right people at the perfect time to offer your solution to them.

That becomes much easier with a blog. With blogging, you research the topics people search for online and write blog posts to answer those search queries. You can then form an SEO strategy to rank at the top of the search results.

As a result, you get targeted traffic for your website. Here are some common types of posts you can target:

  • how-to articles
  • listicles
  • product x vs. product y
  • best product in a category
  • common solutions to a problem

For some of these queries, such as best products, people are in a buying state of mind. They are a targeted group of people more likely to buy, and you can reach them directly with a blog once you rank.

Improve Social Media

One of the issues in social media is the limited space to create content. You get a tiny block with your text, image, or video. There is little room to create an excellent experience for the reader.

You can provide a better experience on your website. Instead of only creating for social media, you can link your blog to direct people there.

Doing this allows you to provide much more value to fans on social media. You can create longer videos, add more images, and write longer posts. If this is the content people in your industry love, adding it to your website and linking it from your company’s socials makes sense.

This strategy even works better if you work in a more consumer-friendly brand and write on trending industry topics. You have more of a chance of going viral and gaining even more traffic.

Improve Brand Reputation

People expect authorities to show up when searching for things on Google. They want search engines to know the most reputable sources and rank them.

That makes it a problem if you don’t show up there. Your competitors may be there, which means they will gain that exposure and increase their brand authority.

But you can take advantage of this when you write blog posts and link to them. By working on external linking and other promotional tactics, you can increase your website’s power and your chance of ranking. At that point, you will start appearing for many search terms and be shown as an authority in your industry.

Get Noticed Elsewhere

You may get noticed elsewhere when you create great content for your business. Other websites that look for great content to share may pick up on yours and let their visitors know.

This linking strategy allows you to attract backlinks to your website without paying for them. Create unique content that offers new insights, research, and other information to attract those links.

Doing this does a few things:

  • attracts links to help with SEO
  • external links drive extra traffic to your website
  • links get shared on social media

In every case, you can expect increased website traffic from all sources. As you continue posting content like this, you’ll see even more benefits from these tactics and can use internal linking to send traffic to your product pages. Just ask yourself, “what makes a quality link?” and what content will increase the chance of being posted there?

Get Email Leads

One added benefit of growing a business blog is the extra chance of engagement. Not all readers may be ready to purchase a product. However, they may hand over their email address to get more information.

The traffic you get from blogging can be a major factor in growing an email list. Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your fans, so getting as many subscribers as possible makes sense.

You can do this by adding simple pop-ups or an opt-in form to your website. These website elements are easy to add and don’t add too much hassle to people reading the content.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Paid ads work wonders for driving immediate traffic to business websites. But the problem is that you must continue paying for traffic over time if you want to keep up that growth.

The same isn’t true with a blog. As you use blogging tips to expand your presence on social media and search engines, you get natural engagement from people looking for what you have to offer. That means you no longer need to pay for traffic to attract potential customers.

When this happens, you’ll greatly reduce your customer acquisition cost. Organic traffic builds up over time, so the number of leads you must acquire through paid means decreases and increases your profit from each sale.

Realize the Benefits of Blogging in Business

It’s easy to set up an advertising campaign, pay for exposure, and see the results come in over time. But you also have to remember that each one of those leads costs money and will take away from your bottom line.

Although a business blog will take some effort to set up, it will pay dividends in the long run with free traffic from Google and other sources. Set up a blog for your company to see the benefits of blogging for yourself.

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