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The Any-to-Any fabric will create true disruption in the Enterprise

The advent of internet devices with embedded connectivity/cloud computing/AI, big data/Virtual Reality/connected homes etc. is changing the way we live, think and act both as individuals and enterprises. These new technologies and trends are the next big wave of development that will foster the emergence of the next economy. Moblize believes linking the above emerging technologies by a concept we refer to as Any-to- Any will revolutionize businesses, bring transparencies and reinvent decision making.
What is Any-to-Any (A2A)?
The Any-to-Any concept advances the theory as the new technologies mature they will seamlessly communicate with one another as well as with the users to provide the most robust, consistent and contextually relevant customer experience possible. This information can be securely exchanged between any enterprise systems and combined with AI agents to add context and insights. The insightful information can then be delivered over any ubiquitous network (wired or wireless) to any internet appliances closest to where, when and how knowledge workers live. The knowledge workers can share the results within vertically oriented communities to review and make quality collaborative decisions.  In the background all the activities are being captured by other forms of AI to capture learnings/actions. Hence
-Any-to-Any will create completely new service offerings that leverage the connectivity to any devices
-Any-to-Any will enable businesses to reach customers in new locations, via new devices, with functionality and frequency that extends far beyond the current tools.
-Increase number of ways to connect with customers means that A2A services can be woven into the fabric of daily lives
Any-to-Any Opportunity in Action
Any-to-Any creates opportunities for businesses to create value for customers and companies. For example, let’s see how Any-to-Any can shake one of the capital intensive markets i.e. Energy industry.
Typical Problem: Management teams in the energy industry experience huge delays in reviewing asset related information. They have to make request via emails or in person to their peers who then will spends days if not weeks to assemble, prepare and scrub the results. The results are then presented in power points typically for management review often riddled with risks like Exaggerated or overlooked opportunities, Underestimated risks, Unanswered questions and Wasted personnel time.
Solution: With Any-to-Any solution in place the management member say is watching TV at home in USA and decides to review performance of an Asset say in Europe. The manager simply flips the channels on his TV remote to pull up the asset of interest as each channel displays an Asset. The manager realizes some trends don’t seem correct and desires to investigate the Asset of interest further. He speaks to the TV and says lets visit the Asset’s Wall (like Facebook wall). The TV displays the asset wall allowing the manager to review the history/discussions/between all team members associated with the asset. The manager after review of the historical details on the Asset Wall switches to his smart phone to post question/comments. In parallel, he requests his personal bot to help him find subset of information (or unanswered questions). The bot triggers the Artificial Intelligent Agents. The Agents visit a multitude of data lakes in the enterprise and/or appliances mining for data which may hold the answers to fulfil the initial request. The AI agents aggregate and prepare the accurate results for the manager to review while he continues to have discussions on the Asset wall with relevant members of the team. The manager then decides to go into the 3D view of the asset and switches to VR mode to get more insights by visiting nearby assets to compare the performance. After careful review of results generated during human (his peers) interactions on Asset Wall and suggestions by AI, the team makes quality decision(s). In the background another AI records all problem to resolution activities for future mining and presentation.
Result: Any 2 Any in this case (from Interactive smart TV, to personal bot, any AI/big data technologies, any Smart phone, to relevant human capital anywhere anytime) smartly linked as “Insight Engine” allowed the manager to exploit the self-service model to separate facts vs. fiction, reduce the data to decision loop significantly, avoid overlooking any opportunities, reduce underestimated risks, avoid disputable decisions etc. It allows the manager to exploit all the key technologies to reduce his/her “Insight Deficit” to analyze relevant information to drive actions and decisions effectively.
First-moving businesses will seize Any-to-Any opportunities and expand their service offerings, which will retain existing customers, attract new customers, offer new services, and improve the effectiveness of their company’s processes. First-movers will think about Any-to-Any as an intrinsic part of their Business strategy, not as an incremental or merely novel piece of functionality.