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The 6 Most Downloaded IOS Apps for Professionals

So, you have just got your hands on your brand-new iPhone and need to download some apps that may be useful to you. When you first go onto the App Store, knowing where to look for apps with so many to choose from can be daunting. There is an app for almost anything you could think of; however, finding the right one for you can be tricky. To make this a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most downloaded IOS apps for professionals.

First up on this list is PDF Expert — an easy-to-use application that allows you to store and easily edit all of your important PDF files without any hassle. The app has an interface that is easy to navigate, meaning that it doesn’t take very long to get to grips with all the tools available. If you’re looking to edit pdf on an iPhone, create powerful notes, and highlight important parts of a document with just the click of a button then you’ll definitely already have the app downloaded. Once you have made all of your changes, you can save the PDF as a new file in the app and have a copy of the original, allowing you to organize your work to access it at another time easily.


Next up on the list is LinkedIn which is one of the best apps for networking with people and companies online. From business partners to long-lost colleagues, LinkedIn allows you to keep all of your important contacts in one place so you can find them with ease whenever you want. In addition to this, LinkedIn is fantastic for finding new job opportunities that may interest you and allows you to show-off all of the work experience you have as well as your academic achievements. LinkedIn works great on iPhone meaning you can use it whilst on the go and stay connected at all times. You can download and use this app for free to begin strengthening your professional relationships and increase your chances of finding the right job or internship for you.


Gmail is Google’s email app — a fantastic tool for communicating with others around the globe. Gmail is an excellent app as it lets you access your email accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail, and many others through IMAP. The Gmail app on iPhone is super easy to use and offers users a fast and smooth experience. One of the best features of this emailing application is that it allows you to undo anything you sent for five seconds after clicking the send button. This means you won’t be sending any more emails or forgetting to attach necessary documents.


If you are looking for a reliable app to communicate with others, you can’t go wrong with Skype. This app permits users to make video calls while supporting rich texting. What’s great about Skype is that it is entirely free to make calls to others using Skype. You can also add credit to your Skype account, which you can use to call landlines, mobiles, or any other phone number.


If you make calls on both your desktop computer and mobile phone and want to transfer the call between each device, Viber is a must for you. Viber is a fantastic app that enables its users to text others on the app and make calls to standard phones at no cost. This app uses encryption in its communication, which means you can trust that your data and messages are protected against cyber-attacks and data leaks.


If you have ever wanted to learn a new language, this is your chance. Duolingo is perfect for those interested in speaking a different language for either a hobby or potentially for business. Duolingo is completely free, meaning that you don’t have to invest upfront before committing. This app is perfect for when you have some free time, and thanks to its recent update, you don’t have to connect to the internet to complete your daily lessons, which is perfect when you are flying.


So there we have it; now you know about some of the most popular IOS apps professionals enjoy using. If any of the apps mentioned above sound like something you might be interested in using, why not give them a shot? Download some of the free apps on this list, and — before you know it — you will have many important apps on your iPhone that you rely on daily.