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That’s Mandarin: Making Chinese Learning Easy and Simple

Though a larger section of the world says that the Mandarin Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn on earth, yet its popularity is increasing daily, making it one of the world’s most spoken languages. The world has seen an exponential growth in the demand for Mandarin lessons in just 10 years. Linguistic researchers say that the possible reason for such a hike in the demand for learning Mandarin Chinese is China’s economic growth which is attracting foreigners to the country for education and job opportunities.

Interestingly, entrepreneur and tech giant Mark Zuckerberg, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the daughter of former US President Barack Obama, Malia Obama, have something in common and that is, they all took Chinese as their second language and probably because learning this language opens the door to numerous prospects like Chinese history, politics, economy and business opportunities.  

A prominent institute which is making the Chinese language easy and simple for learning for more than a decade is That’s Mandarin. It is a Chinese language school based in Shanghai and Beijing which is teaching pupil in an innovative and interactive way. The institute has already set a benchmark of enrolling over 3000 students every year. That’s Mandarin has an extreme level of expertise and experience in Chinese language teaching and offers a wide variety of Chinese courses to fulfill the demands of each of their students’ needs and goals. The school offers various pupil-focused courses such as intensive or part-time one to one program, part-time small group program, semester program and business Chinese learning programs. That’s Mandarin helps international students, not only by offering online Chinese courses but also by helping them through the entire visa application procedure and HSK preparation.

That’s Mandarin is a unique player in this field

The world of technology is advancing at a rapid pace and due to which the sector of learning and development is undergoing a lot of changes and challenges. The entire process of language learning is evolving, and more and more people are moving towards the process of self-studying on their personal devices. While keeping this in mind, That’s Mandarin is always developing their teaching methods to accommodate users to enjoy learning with apps. They are always into creating and improving their own apps, programs, and learning materials to meet the expectation of their students. The things which make the institute a unique one are as follows.

Technology: The team of Smart Lingo has dedicated all their time to research and development. That’s Mandarin consists of an international engineering team which works with the latest and greatest in the web and mobile technologies.
Highly experienced teachers: The teachers at That’s Mandarin are highly experienced along with a degree in teaching Chinese to foreign students. Even after having extreme levels of experience and expertise, all their teachers are trained methodically.

Excellent Learning Environment: The classrooms of That’s Mandarin are equipped with modern and high-end technological teaching facilities.
Affordable learning programs: The Institute charges a reasonable price for all the courses and facilities they offer to ensure that every person can fulfill their desire to learn Chinese.

That’s Mandarin Aims to Share the Essence of Rich Chinese Culture to the World

That’s Mandarin is one such institution which values the Chinese culture and the spirit of Chinese people. It wants to share the true flavor of Chinese civilization by educating the world about the rich heritage of Chinese novels, short stories, prose, poetry, drama, and film. “To be at ease and effective in a Chinese environment, learning the language is half the battle, but knowing about the culture behind the language is the other and nothing but joy lies beyond that,” as quoted by the Institute.

The Man Behind That’s Mandarin

After completing university graduation and gaining five years of teaching experience, Xiaochao Guo, Founder of That’s Mandarin, decided to develop his own teaching methods and establish an effective way for people to learn Chinese as a second language. That is when he founded his own Chinese Language Teaching school, That’s Mandarin. Along with the teaching experience, Guo has a solid experience of 10 years in the field of online marketing. He is a passionate teacher who has taught Chinese to absolute beginners to advanced pupils all around the world.
After observing the typical teaching structure in Beijing University and elsewhere, he started his own teaching venture to break away the strict structure of university curriculum. His idea was to develop teaching in a way where tradition meets innovation and that is when That’s Mandarin was born. His teaching methods bind the Institute together and his daily chores involve nothing but his efforts to improve the teaching structure of That’s Mandarin.

That’s Mandarin is always ambitious about their future

Seeing the future ahead, That’s Mandarin has already started to develop their online teaching programs. They are taking the challenge of carefully managing the transition of traditional language teaching to online methods through their online Chinese learning program, Smart Lingo, which is providing students with rich multimedia content and didactic activities such as listening, reading, writing, speech recognition and vocabulary development to give the best to meet their pupils’ expectations.

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