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Texas Pride Trailers

Texas Pride Trailers: Building the Right Trailers for Over 25 Years

A Trailblazing Journey of Quality and Customer-centricity!

In the vast expanse of the business world, stories of remarkable success often begin with a dream. A vision that ignites a spark of passion, driving individuals to pursue their aspirations relentlessly. Yet, dreams alone are not enough to shape the course of history; it is the collision of dreams with unwavering determination and the fortuitous meeting of passion and opportunity that gives birth to groundbreaking ventures.

Such is the inspiring tale of Texas Pride Trailers and its visionary Founder and CEO, Jim Bray – a man who transformed a simple auction fund into an empire of high-quality trailers.

From humble beginnings to becoming one of the largest trailer manufacturers in the nation, Texas Pride Trailers has established itself as a powerhouse in the industry. With a diverse range of utility trailers and equipment trailers, it takes immense pride in its ability to meet the unique needs of its customers.

With over 25 years of experience, Texas Pride Trailers has honed its craftsmanship, producing high-quality trailers that stand the test of time. Whether it’s Dump Trailers, Roll-Off Trailers, Lowboy Equipment Trailers, Deckover Equipment Trailers, Car Haulers, or Tilt Trailers, the company’s extensive lineup ensures there’s a perfect fit for every customer.

At Texas Pride Trailers, everything is made in-house, ensuring full control over the production process and the highest standards of quality. With 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the company’s facilities are equipped to handle large-scale production while maintaining precision and attention to detail.

Behind every exceptional product is an exceptional team. With over 300 dedicated employees, Texas Pride Trailers boasts a workforce that is second to none. The passion, expertise, and commitment of these individuals are the driving force behind the company’s success.

Texas Pride Trailers understands that every customer is unique, and their needs may extend beyond standard offerings. That’s why the company offers custom trailer solutions, allowing customers to tailor their trailers according to their specific requirements. From design to delivery, the process is streamlined to ensure a seamless experience.

Despite its substantial growth and success, Texas Pride Trailers remains true to its roots as a family-owned and operated business. This commitment to its heritage shines through in the unparalleled customer service that the company provides.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Visionary: From Pizza Delivery Driver to Trailer Entrepreneur

Twenty-five years ago, Jim found himself working as a full-time delivery driver for Dominos Pizza, dreaming of one day starting his own business. In pursuit of his entrepreneurial aspirations, he took on various side hustles like lawn work and tractor work, exploring different options.

One day, while attending an auction about an hour away, Jim stumbled upon a game-changing opportunity. He came across utility trailers priced at $400 and decided to take a chance, purchasing one. Upon bringing it home, he wasted no time in advertising the trailer for sale, eventually selling it for $500. This simple transaction opened Jim’s eyes to the potential of flipping trailers for profit, realizing he could earn in just a few hours what used to take him an entire day of work.

This realization ignited a passion within him, and he couldn’t shake the idea of selling multiple trailers if only he had access to more. The thought consumed him, and while inspecting a trailer one day, he wondered if he could assemble them himself. The idea of learning how to weld intrigued him, leading him to buy a welding book and a welding machine from Home Depot. Over the next few months, he diligently researched where to source materials.

With newfound welding skills and determination, Jim successfully constructed and sold his first trailer. The experience was a turning point, and he decided to integrate this venture into his daily routine alongside his regular job. The demand for his trailers grew rapidly, and he found himself facing a pivotal decision.

After three months, Jim made a life-changing choice to skip his scheduled shift one night, committing fully to his burgeoning trailer business. This bold move marked the beginning of Jim’s journey as a trailblazing entrepreneur.

Paving the Path to Growth and Success

As the CEO of the company, Jim’s core focus is on continuously enhancing its overall value. He takes his responsibility seriously and actively seeks out strategies to improve various crucial aspects, including trailer production, trailer marketing, and the well-being of employees and the community. Central to his role is envisioning the company’s future direction and identifying innovative ways to augment its value in the industry. His dedication and vision play a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and success.

Diverse Range of Trailers with Expert Manufacturing

TPT prides itself on offering a wide variety of trailers to cater to various needs, including dump trailers, roll-off trailers, lowboys, flatbeds, gravity tilt trailers, power tilt trailers, and car haulers. Moreover, they excel in providing custom-built units tailored to specific requirements, with an industry-leading turnaround time for such projects.

The trailer manufacturing process in Texas begins with the arrival of raw materials such as steel sheets, lumber, and axles. These materials are then processed and cut to the appropriate dimensions during pre-fabrication. During this stage, all the small components of the trailers, such as the gooseneck tongue, doors, and ramps, are assembled.

The main manufacturing stage involves two different approaches: some trailers are constructed by two-person teams from start to finish, while others are built on a traditional assembly line with 18-20 individuals. As the trailers progress to the “Rolling frame” stage, they undergo cleaning, preparation, priming, and painting. The finishing touches include wiring, deck installation, and decal placement.

To ensure the highest quality standards, the trailers undergo thorough quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in a well-crafted finished product. The manufacturing facilities occupy a significant space, spanning approximately 150,000-200,000 square feet, located within a 60-acre industrial parkway. The company’s commitment to quality and efficiency is further reflected in its workforce, with over 400 skilled individuals dedicated to producing top-notch trailers.

Delivering Exceptional Value

TPT takes pride in its commitment to providing exceptional value through the production of high-quality and durable trailers. The company’s dedication to delivering superior service drives continuous improvement in all aspects of its business, all while maintaining competitive prices. What sets TPT apart is its unique approach to manufacturing trailers and directly selling them to customers. This hands-on approach allows them to have complete control over the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience for customers from start to finish.

Unlike other manufacturers who rely on dealers to sell pre-made trailers, TPT offers customers the opportunity to customize and order the exact trailer they desire. This customization option, combined with a relatively quick turnaround time, provides customers with a personalized and efficient purchasing experience. By focusing on delivering value, quality, and customized solutions, TPT sets itself apart in the trailer industry.

Customizable Trailers with Swift Delivery

TPT provides customers with a selection of base trailer models and an extensive range of additional options to choose from. Conveniently accessible on their website, customers can explore these options and customize their trailers according to their preferences. Once the customization process is complete, placing an order is simple. Unlike other manufacturers that often require 8-12 weeks for delivery, TPT prides itself on its prompt service with turnaround times as quickly as approximately 2 weeks. This ensures swift delivery to their valued customers.

Commitment to Customer Service

TPT emphasizes customer service with a dedicated department solely focused on addressing post-sale issues or concerns. Their team is readily available to assist customers and ensure that any problems are promptly resolved. Throughout the buying process, from the initial purchase to the final stages, they remain committed to providing exceptional service. Even after the sale is completed, they continue to offer support and additional services as needed. The ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term happiness.

Expanding Horizons

Texas Pride Trailers plans to expand its branch network and extend parts and warranty services nationwide. Currently operating 9 locations, including the headquarters in Madisonville, TX, the company aims to increase the number of branches to 20. The objective is to ensure that customers are within a 4-hour distance from any Texas Pride Trailers service point, facilitating easier access to trailers, service, and warranty support. To enhance customer experience, the company intends to implement innovative programs, such as 24-hour delivery for parts purchased and offering pick-up, servicing, and return options for trailers needing warranty support.

Word of Wisdom

Jim says, “I think Elon Musk said it best; having a business is like having a baby; once you commit to it, it’s going to take a lot of work, it’s going to take a lot of time, and you have to see it through even if it wipes you out.”

Raving Rewards

“I purchased my dump trailer 15 years ago, and since then, I’ve had success with it. It’s good quality, lasts a long time, and has served me very well.”

-Jim Woodruff

“I come back to Texas Pride 1. Because of the quality of the product received and Because of the quality of service when you need help with any trailer assistance. They are extremely willing to accommodate and help out; the customer service cannot be beaten here.”

-Loren Wilcox

“When we were comparing different trailer manufacturers, Texas Pride Trailers was the only company that could come up with the exact specifications we needed. In 2 weeks, we were taking delivery of our trailer; it’s amazing.”

-Dale Bowman

“To me, there’s no other trailer that compares to a Texas Pride Trailer; I would drive anywhere, wherever they would put their plant, I’d go pick it up.”

-Front Ridge Demo

“When I come to Texas Pride, it’s different from buying at most trailer dealerships. When you pull up here, you have options; you’re not just driving up and grabbing a trailer. There’s a sales rep that comes out, finds out the particular needs that you need, and then designs a trailer for you. When you come back to get your trailer, they spend plenty of time with you; they review the different options you chose and how to properly use them to work better for your business. I have bought 13 trailers from Texas Pride.”

-Bill Dudley

Daniel Bracewell- President/COO:

“Texas Pride is known for manufacturing a workhorse of a trailer and for our unmatched customer service. Not only will you get a trailer that will outlast and outperform our competitors, but you also get a customer service team that will answer the phone with a live person every time you call.”

“Currently, we have about 275,000 square feet under our roof, and we operate on just under 50 acres. We have an additional 80 acres adjacent to the plant for future growth. As of right now, we currently have 364 employees that operate a manufacturing plant and 9 stores in 6 different states.”

“We have helped thousands of customers create trailers to fit their specific needs, and we do it every day.”

Nicole Jolin- Human Resource Manager:

“I believe that most of the culture here is in the company name itself, PRIDE! Many say being prideful makes you arrogant, but I truly believe that the pride that comes from these employees is something remarkable. Taking the pride approach in someone’s work can leave you stagnant and without growth. TPT is the complete opposite because each employee, from the top to the bottom, takes that pride approach. I mean, look at what this company has turned into. It’s amazing to have watched it grow into life-changing opportunities for so many. If there was a list of other words to attach, I would have to add commitment, innovation, respect, and fairness. Knowing and admiring these employees is what makes my job the easiest and the most rewarding. They are from all walks of life, the bluest collar, and the hardest working individuals I have ever met.”

“My EOE comes from the heart as well because I believe in this company more than anyone would think. The significance of TPT and what sets us apart from others is the diversity of our employees. Texas Pride Trailers has always been and will always be the company committed to the family feel of operations, with the want and need to do better every day. We seek individuals from all backgrounds to join our team, and we encourage our employees to bring their best selves to work every single day. Texas Pride Trailers makes hiring decisions based on qualifications, merit, and business needs at the time. When you can put 365 individuals together from all walks of life and get done what they get done in a day, a week, a month, or a year is because of the commitment to the betterment of their family and the betterment of the company. That is something special.”

Devin Davis- Vice President:

“The process for requesting a custom trailer involves getting as much information on what they’re hauling; dimension, weight, hauling vehicle, etc., to build the trailer around the applications the customer is going to use it for.”

“Service after the sale, to me, is more important than the sale itself. Proving to the customer that we are there for any questions, any advice, anything they need after the sale.”

“Buying directly from Texas Pride Trailers cuts out all the middleman costs, all the markups on the dealer end of it. You really don’t get a better deal than buying directly from the guys that are manufacturing the product.”

“We have literature, handbooks, and product guides on the website. We have a fully staffed service and warranty department that is readily available to help with any issues a customer may run into. We are there for anything our customers need, and we pride ourselves on that alone.”

Dominic Orozco- Creative Director:

“Texas Pride Trailers has more media available to our customers than any other trailer manufacturer in the country. From YouTube and Facebook to Tiktok and Instagram, if it’s a social media platform, Texas Pride will always do what it can to have its presence on them.”