You are currently viewing A First-Class Automated Software Testing Solution A First-Class Automated Software Testing Solution offers first-class QA Automation and Testing Services for clients. It is a specialized division of Rhoynar Software Consulting, a company focused on innovative solutions for application development and DevOps.
Its specialized division, the is one of the very few technology service providers in the US focusing solely on Automated Software Testing. experts help clients improve the efficiency of their Software Agile teams in numerous ways. One of its widely recognized method is to develop a unique custom Automated testing framework and building out a large regression test suite in as little as 6 weeks.
A Unique Approach to Delivering Success 
Apart from giant companies with deep pockets, there isn’t much investment made in the testing methodologies. Based on a recent survey 63% of the companies do not have any kind of automated testing in their Software delivery process while 73% of the companies who have automated testing in their Software process are not comfortable with doing a Continuous Integration to Staging.’s vision is driving the adoption of Automated Software testing by enabling teams with technology, resources, and long-term support.
Since inception, has helped over 100+ clients to strategically adapt Automated testing in their Software release process. On an average helps Software teams achieve 68% reduction in their testing cycle while discovering 3x times more bugs than the industry average.
A Cost-Effective Approach Ideal for Small-Medium IT Enterprises 
Its new “Managed Services” model helps small to medium sized Software companies economically handle all aspect of testing without having an in-house test team. As part of the Managed Services, the company takes charge of all QA/Testing responsibilities including building comprehensive automation frameworks, CI frameworks, test plan, test cases and test execution. Essentially, it operates as an on-demand test team for the project. This helps smaller companies to get the best-automated testing and quality at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house test team.
Hunger for Success Combined with Business Acumen 
As mentioned earlier, testing is one the most neglected area in Software delivery ecosystem even though it has the most impact. Before starting this company, the CEO had worked in several Fortune 500 companies and had consistently observed this neglect. Seeing this as a market gap and driven by his strong quality belief, he set out to start was founded in 2014 by Priyesh Sanghvi, the CEO and Harsh Murari, the CTO. Both Harsh and Priyesh were former colleagues at Qualcomm where they worked for over a decade on a variety of projects.
Priyesh Sanghvi, the CEO possesses a unique combination of technical expertise with sharp business acumen. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University. Priyesh comes from a very underprivileged family in India, started his entrepreneurial journey from a very young age to support his undergraduate education and eventually embarked on his journey to pursue American Dream on his own feet. He is married to his college sweetheart Rina and has 2 loving children.
Backing Innovation with a Depth in R&D 
Testing is one the Software Engineering’s most neglected discipline not only in the corporate world but also in academia. There are thousands of colleges and universities which prepare students to be a good Software developer. However, there are just a few which focuses on Software testing.
Majority of the companies also have a much smaller budget for their Software testing teams and they are the first one to be disposed of during difficult times. It has been proved that QA in the Software industry is highly significant like the other industries including manufacturing etc,
However; those warnings are never heeded by the leaders of the Software industry. The biggest challenge in this industry is inculcating the benefits of Software testing which not only helps quality but saves a lot of money for companies in a long run. has uniquely positioned itself as a one of a kind Software services company focusing solely on testing. Its heavy commitment to R&D investment in testing frameworks and technologies coupled with experience in 30+ industries have made it one of the best Software testing providers.
A Bright Upcoming Future 
The software industry is growing at a decent pace. There are some floating policy changes on limiting high skilled worker immigration which may hit this industry hard. The company is keeping a close eye on the development and making strategic changes in its business to mitigate such risks.
If its past is anything to go by, the company is likely to succeed through every obstacle. In the past, has been blessed in mitigating challenges. It has been profitable from the day 1 without any external funding. Its core values of Accountability, Collaboration, Commitment, Passion, and Execution has made its clients come back for more, year after year while providing exceptional testimonials which has consistently attracted new clients.
Set apart by an expert team of testers and backed by consistent positive feedback from clients, will continue to lead the Software testing industry in coming years. It is also investing heavily in Autonomous testing leveraging AI and Machine learning advances to greet and embrace the upcoming future with open arms.
Source :-The 10 Best Performing Software Testing Solution Providers 2018