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Mario Aguilera | Founder & CEO | Tespack

Tespack: Delivering Innovative Smart Energy Solutions

Energy plays a crucial role in the global economy and will become the dominant economic issue of the coming decade. Most recently, to promote various energy efficiency improvements and encourage the development of specific energy sources, many policies are initiated. Energy utilization is a key for a better future and Tespack, a company that provides smart energy solutions with their innovative products to make everyone energy independent. Meet Mario Aguilera, Founder, and CEO, an ex-special forces officer with background in military operations, international economics, international business, and renewables. He has founded several companies and is an inventor by heart, and he has six different patents to his name. Before Tespack, Mario was the Co-Director at a renewable energy company while writing research publications for the Foreign Ministry of Finland, Bolivia and also Kazakhstan.
The Roots 
During Mario’s time in the military and outdoor experiences, he always thought that energy is an essential part of technology as many lives depended on it. As an infantry soldier and special forces officer, he experienced the loss of power and its limitations first hand while training in remote areas in South-America with his unit. It was at this moment when Tespack was born as a company. This particular need happens every day with rescue personnel, NGOs, military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts and Tespack is happy to continue innovating products that help tackle these issues in the market to generate free energy for off-grid usage. Now they plan to go even further by adding connectivity and statistics.

“The energy sector needs renewal, and it can only happen if everyone works together to change it. Companies like Tespack are a perfect example of the kind of novel thinking that is needed in the industry and GE wants to help these companies succeed. We challenge all companies, big or small, to join us and help us to create better solutions for the future” -Head of Energy Village at GE, Mikko Kauppinen

Mission & Vision 
Tespack visions to go even further as the world of IoT entered our space, and as wearable opened a new horizon of opportunities. Now they can track, automate and analyze supply and demand of energy in the consumer sector and also in rural areas.
Tespack’s mission is to make mobile energy and to create products that can power the needs of all professionals under any circumstances and when possible, integrate clean energy sources in our process.
Values that Drive the Company 
Tespack’s motto is quite simple, “It is better to have ten lions than a 1000 sheep.” The only way to create edgy and innovative products is to have leaders that come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities who are willing to join and mold their ideas to create something revolutionary. The company does not believe in titles but in getting the job done. They view the company more of a “sports team” than a “family”, where everyone needs to stay sharp in order to perform and where everyone has the same opportunities to grow and learn. The organization has been able to come to terms and be realistic enough to understand that and learn it the hard way. What counts for Tespack is the attitude and that you can deliver your job. It can teach a skill, and anyone can learn a trade, but they cannot teach honesty, hard work or the most crucial part of small companies…loyalty.

“The bags (Tespack Solar Smart packs) are very useful and give us the liberty to keep our devices charged during outdoor activities.” -Saeed Ur Rehman, Director Program Development & Quality, Save the Children Sudan

Providing Innovative Energy Solutions 
Tespack creates innovative energy products that tackle not only energy problems but also connectivity and safety. For this reason, the organization announced its latest Innovation “Solar media Backpack”. This product powers anything from smartphones to projectors and laptops, making education possible in most rural areas. It also has a software platform & application for people on the ground that monitors their safety and the status of their equipment. This year Tespack is proud to announce that it will test this new innovative technology with one of the largest NGOs, Plan International. The company is also looking forward to distributing technology globally to other NGOs and government agencies who need audiovisual technology to educate children in rural areas.
Corporate Social Responsibility 
The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is to ensure that every decision Tespack makes from creating products to creating company protocols has a positive impact on the community, personnel and surroundings. That’s the main reason Tespack pushes itself to develop products that don’t exist on the market, as it wants to bring this change through technology but also by using solutions that will contribute to our environment and society in general.

“Tespack products have been vital for the safety of our team during Mars analogue expeditions.” – Austrian Space Forum.

What Comes Next? 
Tespack aspires to create technology that makes an impact. The company’s future aspirations are to innovate premium products that help institutions and rescue workers be charged and safe in remote areas. It is in the process of studying how to provide internet in remote locations with their products (No satellites or antennas needed). Currently, Tespack is proud to say that all its upcoming projects and innovations are being developed with NGOs, rescue workers, and governmental institutions during its field expeditions to ensure its product goes beyond the expectations. Mario Aguilera always joins these missions to be on the front line and always provides the first-hand feedback, testing a product in the lab will never be the same as testing in the field. For this reason, the company goes to extreme measures to ensure it provides only the best as many lives depend on its products.