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Terawe: Providing Innovative and Efficient Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing has been changing the world of IT infrastructure incessantly. Today, immediate availability and unlimited scalability are the default expectations of infrastructure users. Developers and applications groups view anything that doesn’t measure up to this standard as deficient, and they’ll bypass deficient infrastructure in favor of cloud environments that provide quick access to computing resources.
One such game-changer in the field is Terawe, a company that specializes in providing unique end-to-end solutions that assists customers globally through all stages of the solution development lifecycle. Their mojo is leveraging hybrid cloud technologies with modern DevOps to enable customers derive rich hindsight, insight and foresight to help strengthen their business and accelerate growth. Led by a team of Microsoft veterans, Terawe is at the forefront of several Microsoft engagements involving Cloud and Data Platform, Cognitive Services and Machine Learning.
A Confident and Decisive Leader
With over 20 years of experience, Anil Balakrishnan, the founder and CEO of Terawe Corporation, has gained recognition as an innovative strategist and technologist. Terawe was built around the vision of identifying and delivering unique software solutions for customers in a challenging, dynamic, and competitive market.
He believes the computing industry is undergoing a transformational “once in a decade” pivotal change and cloud is the next big thing since the Internet. Terawe plays a core part of this transformation, enabling their customers – from small to mid to large enterprise customers – navigate this complex maze successfully and efficiently!
Zealous Services Improvised with New Innovations
Terawe creates compelling solutions for customers at the highest efficiency and quality, with key initiatives spanning industry verticals such as education, hosting, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance; along with depth expertise including Cloud, Data Platform, Mobility, Big Data and Analytics.
Terawe is at the forefront of innovation with Cortana Intelligence in building a very powerful suite of services to help brick and mortar retail compete effectively. They have signed up several retailers for a proof of concept evaluation of a retail solution that they’ll be launching shortly. In addition, they have several ongoing Data Analytics and Machine Learning projects in partnership with large enterprise customers. A key cloud-based service that Terawe has built and maintained is ‘Chekhov’, which helps spread literacy by bringing innovation on mobile devices that enhances the learning curve of end-users.
Terawe strives to create such solutions that accelerate the shift towards cloud computing and integration and adoption of smart devices, paving the way for the future consumerization of technology.
Tackling Toughest Difficulties with Excellence
While operating via their global engagements, one key challenge that Terawe encountered is with regard to convincing customers about the value proposition of the cloud. While managing this, they came up with an innovative idea to build a business modeler that helps customers model their business scenarios to understand the benefits and project business growth immediately.
The Terawe team works closely with customers, guiding them towards the solution that best fits their requirements. Customers from the Government, Healthcare, and Finance domain have often raised concerns with regard to the strict compliance standards followed by these industry verticals, which the team assayed by building solutions centered on the security and compliance features in the rich cloud technology stack. The reason they hand-craft solutions with in-depth detail is the uniqueness of each of their customers.
Thought Leadership with Innovative Solutions
Terawe proudly states the fact that 90% of their customers have been repeated customers. Their hallmark is in providing “thought leadership” alongside innovative solutions that preserve intellectual property. Above all, they go above and beyond the letter of the word in ‘Statement of Work’ to do what is right for their customers – which in turn delights them and makes them come back for repeat engagements.
Growing with the Advancements in Cloud Industry
Terawe’s customers straddle across a hybrid cloud boundary. Historically, monitoring has only been around data center assets. Terawe provides innovative solutions to tackle application level SLA monitoring over and beyond traditional system level SLA. They have done projects that enable lift-shift/migration of ‘n-tier’ applications while continuously monitoring each tier during its move. Their expertise bridges AWS, Azure, Private Cloud and OpenStack across heterogeneous platforms (Windows, Linux).
Every organization adopts cloud-first, mobile-first approach to search for products, while working with their disparate systems and applications. Terawe helps customers with their data migration strategies and helps outline a seamless route for faster and flexible data relocation.
Bridging silos of cloud environments together so that seamless flow of information and insights can happen across cloud boundaries, Terawe provides flexible cloud solutions that are scalable and help customers grow in a linear and exponential way.
Company’s Foresight  
Rolling forward, Terawe will bring to innovative market solutions, combining the rich capabilities of cloud and data platforms, mobile devices and social media to enable advanced features such as predictive analytics. For instance, leveraging Microsoft Cloud Platform and Cognitive Services, they have recently built a healthcare solution that takes personalized care & preventive care to a new level – and are uniquely positioned to improve the quality of a patient’s life.
The company is also making inroads in the finance, legal, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. They are constantly augmenting their global footprint, continuously building their network of customers in different regions across industries and moving forward with their roadmap of solutions that have the potential to disrupt the software market landscape.

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