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Tensing: Helping You Become Data Empowered

Leading this team, says Martin Knook, “Is all about bringing talented people together, strengthen their knowledge and resolve problems into IT solutions. My strength is to find the balance between these complexities and finding the right balance to build a business. That’s what motivates me”

In the near future, new technology capabilities like NFC, IoT and Augmented Reality will lead to more robotized work. Soon a self-driving car will be out there. What is the need of time if self-guiding equipment is telling a technician what to do to guarantee operations for a certain time. A worldwide leader in enterprise mobility and geospatial workforce management technology, Tensing helps solve GIS and mobile work management challenges worldwide through innovative enterprise mobility solutions.

For over 25 years, innovative Tensing is streamlining business processes, in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia, bringing the back office to field workers at customers including Southern California Edison, Washington Gas, Ascom, Assa Abloy, Geveke, Heineken and Sydney Water. Having offices in California, the Washington D.C. metro area, and the Netherlands, supporting utilities and field service organizations across the globe, Tensing provides best-in-class, enterprise mobility solutions for customers worldwide.

Martin Knook, CEO of Tensing, is having over 15 years of experience as an IT executive & entrepreneur, who focuses on building technology teams to make the difference for Tensing’s customers. Today, in this mobile age, the integration of photo, video and the amount of data available online enables remote workers to make a full assessment of a situation. The infrastructure required to push this benefit to the max has two variants–A map based solution or a calendar based solution. Those two different possibilities to optimize field operations are supported in the Tensing products, configurable workflows–configurable data sets are well understood in the Tensing team.

Mobility and Geospatial Workforce Management Technology

Tensing has become a trusted Mobility and GIS solution provider in several industries, such as Utilities, Emergency Response, Telecom, and Field Service. Tensing streamlines customer and market needs with innovation, delivering the best total solutions that seamlessly connect mobile field workers to the back office through in-depth knowledge of its clients’ business processes.

Some of its solutions-

Field Mobility Platform (FMP) 360™, is an innovative, cost-effective, and easy to maintain platform to automate all your field service processes. FMP360 is delivered as a standardized, off-the-shelf solution that is extremely easy to configure to fit the needs of your field workforce operations–now and in the future.

Field Mobility Platform maps (FMPmaps), is offered as a stand-alone solution or as a fully integrated module within FMP360™, Tensing’s industry proven, enterprise platform for field workforce automation. It is a powerful, comprehensive mobile suite that supports business-critical field operations for workforce intensive industries. By leveraging back office data investments, the specialized flexible mobile tool can be easily configured to the client’s unique business requirements for GIS-based enterprise mobility.

Tensing has a key strategy of adopting new technology in its technology stack, allowing their existing and new clients to grow into those new hypes as per their own roadmap without major investments or exposure to serious implementation risks. World Famous Dutch Brewery upgrades its Planning and Mobile Field Service Solution to Tensing FMP360™. Also, Tensing implemented its FMPmaps product at one of North America’s largest utilities, which serves over 15 million customers. To support its comprehensive service and planned maintenance programs, a global leader in Entrance Systems uses the FMP360 solution throughout the organization worldwide.