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TenEleven Group: The Premier EHR for Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health services industry is currently undergoing a significant change.The payment model is shifting from one that is based on the number of services provided, to one based on the outcomes of the services that are provided. When you consider all the systematic changes that an organization will undergo because of this shift toward “Pay for Performance,” you end up with a need for software solutions that can easily adapt to changing regulatory requirements, changing insurance procedures, and changing organizational priorities.
For the past 17 years, TenEleven Group has been delivering software solutions to Health & Human Services agencies that help them achieve their goals and stay competitive in an evolving industry landscape with electronic Clinical Record (eCR™).
TenEleven is able to provide a better software solution for Behavioral Health agencies because the company works to understand how their customers operate before introducing the software. No two agencies are exactly alike. They have different roles, different departments, and different processes. TenEleven’ s implementation methodology first analyzes the organization’s business process, and allows the agency to improve processes before introducing eCR™. With this unique approach to implementation, the features and functionality of eCR™ are aligned to match the desired business process, instead of imposing software that requires undesired changes to the agency’s operations.
Best-in-Class Services
TenEleven Group is focused on helping Behavioral Health agencies manage the entire end-to-end business process: from intake to outcomes. Their commitment to their customer is to provide the guidance and technology support necessary to thrive in a performance-based payment system. Thousands of users in hundreds of offices use electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) to manage a variety of behavioral health service types from Inpatient, to Outpatient, to Home and Community Based Services, and many more.
TenEleven Group is 100% dedicated to behavioral health providers (Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Developmental Disability Services). The specific components of electronic Clinical Record (eCR™) include: scheduling, electronic lab orders and results, electronic prescriptions including controlled substances, medication administration records, alerts, reporting services, dashboard analytics, and more.  Additionally, eCR™ includes a form library with over 1,250 forms (Assessments, treatment plans, and more).
Driving Innovation
The Treatment Wizard® for Trauma Informed Care is a module withineCR™that can also be used on its own in conjunction with other EHRs. It was developed to assist agencies implement the evidence based best practice, Trauma Informed Care, by standardizing the assessment and program referral process enterprise-wide. The Treatment Wizard®uses decision tree logic to guide the user through an assessment for a patient’s trauma severity. The agency defines what actions to dictate to the user based on the answers to previous questions, and provides appropriate treatment recommendations or program referrals based on the results.
For agencies implementing a Trauma Informed Care model, it helps standardize the process across all providers and allows for consistency in measuring outcomes.
TenEleven Group also offers Revenue Cycle Management Services to their eCR™ customers, providing end-to-end billing services for the programs that utilize eCR™ for documenting their clinical operations.
The Intellects Behind the Innovation
Alex Alexander, Co-founder & CEO and Gerry M. Speranza, Co-founder &COO ofTenEleven Group, Inc., are the pioneers behind theTenEleven Group. The company originally delivered a medical billing software, which included a few clients in Behavioral Health. After talking with them about their needs for electronic record keeping, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Speranza thought that applying their experience in business process consulting to implementing an EHR would be a great benefit, so they got inspired to become an EHR solution providers. And they were right.
Flourishing from Bud to Blossom
TenEleven’s major challenge was learning the regulatory environment and how the different regulations impact the billing rules for different types of programs. “We needed to have software that was compliant, but also one that presents an elegant solution for the end users. We learned that by taking the time to understand the regulations and the business processes of our customers’ programs, we were able to configure efficient billing systems for programs with difficult rules. This process has resulted in software that excels for programs with difficult regulatory billing rules,” says Mr. Alexander.
TenEleven’s Uniqueness
Their unique business process approach is a real differentiator. All of their audited customers have achieved in the 95% percentile in their audits, with 4 of them achieving perfect 100% scores. In addition, they continue to focus on real quantifiable outcomes metrics. 100% of their software development are done in-house, which results in a better interpretation of customer needs to the people who write the software code. None of their product development is outsourced to other companies. When combined with their individualized approach to EHR implementation, the results make a difference to their customers and are major contributors to their growth as a company.
Expanding Geographical Footprints and Outcomes Functionality
TenEleven is expanding its unique approach geographically and is always looking to improve functionality that supports positive outcomes metrics. “Within the industry, we are continuing to invest in adding features and functionality to the software that support streamlined business processes for better financial stability and better patient outcomes,” assures Mr. Alexander.
The future of behavioral health is a shift away from office visits to Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS), and this shift is forcing the EHR industry to provide solutions that are scalable to the devices that providers are carrying.  The right solution, for the right person, delivered on the right device.  As always, TenElevenis there, evolving right alongside the behavioral health industry.

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