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Temporary Business Requirements? Resolved.

Most of the times, many budding entrepreneurs find it difficult to procure funds from other financial institutions. Hence, they prefer starting business with minimal investments available. As the contemporary business world is stepping ahead along with the continually rising globalization, emerging markets, and growing competition, small scale businesses are facing complexities in setting their premises and processes, leading to unendurable financial crises.
Consider a small scale startup with team of few employees, who need multiple systems and other assets to set a business. Being a startup, it may prefer leasing computers and other assets instead of buying them, as this will allow an entrepreneur to invest his/ her available funds into other productive things. This instance entails the need of leasing, where lessor allows lessee to use the asset in exchange of specified payments, resolving the lessee’s temporary requirement of the asset.
Similarly, when turning the coin towards customer’s side, buying any heavy equipment, appliances or maybe land becomes complex for them. They have to think thrice or more about buying, due to their financial problems. Many people struggle paying full prices upfront, and meet unaffordable immediate payment terms, especially while paying for big-ticket items. On the other hand, it becomes challenging for vendor of high-priced equipment to close a deal with clients unable to pay all the capital upfront. This is where the concept of vendor leasing turn the heads.
Vendor leasing is not only fulfilling the finance needs, but also effectively build the vendor-customer relationship. From need generation to engagement and evaluation, documentation and quotation, releasing of funds, post purchase, the whole operational process of leasing is evolving. Comprehending its need, few vendor leasing solutions providers are fuelling the growth and innovation of their customers with their smart financing solutions. They are enabling the vendors of high-priced equipment to reach the maximum potential of their business.
Taking into consideration the factors of speed, efficiency and convenience of straight-through processing in delivering finance solutions, Insights Success has curated a list of “The 10 Most Active Vendor Leasing Companies in 2019,” which are empowering vendor financing industry  by enabling businesses to proactively optimize their sales processes.
Our cover story features Amur Equipment Finance, a nationally ranked independent equipment finance provider, dedicated to ensuring its customers are equipped to grow and succeed. AmurEF is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are equipped with the right financing structure to grow and succeed as they purchase new business essential assets. Following a significant capital investment in 2013, and a strengthening of its leadership team, it became one of the largest US equipment finance companies. This edition also includes JSC LC Europlan, a leading car leasing company in Russia that leases cars, commercial vehicles and smaller construction equipment to legal entities and private individuals.
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Quote: “Why to own your temporary requirements, when they are available on lease?”

– Hitesh Dhamani