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Tellient:Providing Analytics for Things

Most Analytics firms don’t specialize in IoT. The ones that do are often pivots from other analytics like networking. Of the few that do specialize in analyzing IoT data, no one goes beyond simply formatting the data to display in a dashboard. This is where Tellient plays its role. Tellient is the company that executes more than showing the information in a dashboard, and even more than making that information available to other smart things.
Tellient enables network operators to monetize the IoT data on their networks by transforming it into a sellable asset. The Tellient platform is a turn-key solution providing marketplace dynamics to generate revenue from data across the IoT ecosystem. Tellient is an analytics platform built specifically for the Internet of Things. Their customers include connected device makers, providers of the technologies that power IoT devices, and the network operators that those devices connect through. They collect and process the enormous quantities of data generated by the IoT and turn it into a new revenue source for their customers.
Founder and CEO of Tellient
Shawn Conahan is the Founder and CEO of Tellient.He has been an entrepreneur, senior executive and investor in the wireless, technology, and Internet industries for over 15 years. His industry experience ranges from digital media to wireless technology to big data, where the common thread has been building platforms with broad applicability. Conahan graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BS degree in Business Administration.
Features of Tellient Platform
There are 2 major parts of the Tellient Platform, 1) Tellient Analytics, which collects, inspects, and perfects the data and turns it into information using learning algorithms to provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. And the 2) Tellient Marketplace, which packages the information for sale as data feed APIs, suggests appropriate pricing based on market dynamics, connects sellers with buyers, handles the transaction, and provides the feeds to buyers.
The working of Tellient’s platform can be explained in three steps;
1) Tellient turns raw, usually unstructured and ugly IoT data into information; i.e, The Tellient Analytics platform collects the data traversing a carrier’s network and turns it into easy interpretable and actionable information by humans (via dashboards) and machines (via APIs). 2) Tellient turns this information into Revenue; i.e., The insights derived from the data on that network are turned into products that are sold in the Tellient Marketplace. 3) Tellient enables the creation of new business models using IoT data feeds; i.e., The availability of IoT data as an API gives developers a path to monetize IoT deployments indirectly.
Insights into the Future
Conahan and his team are working to make connected devices, smart enough to make themselves smarter, and those devices are going out on the network to look for the most relevant information to make themselves smarter. The most useful information they will find will be historical and real-time IoT Analytics data from a cohort of other devices.
To understand this phenomenon, Conahan explained that in the future, while driving acar, the car will look at available weather data to determine the temperature. It will also know the altitude, pressure, and humidity. It will make adjustments to the engine to optimize performance by looking at other vehicles within and outside its manufacturer in a geospatially global cross-section based on similar circumstances. Then it will add what it learned from other cars’ experiences to its own actual experience and put that all back in the connected and distributed cloud of useful data for other cars to use in real time.
Every selection of a cohort and application of data will become a case study indexed and findable by other machines, capable of applying and adapting or discarding best practices at nanosecond scale. The result will be continuous improvement through the application of shared experiences and learning that will enable devices to evolve at a pace and to an extent that human programmers could not achieve.
Tellient’s Role in Building the Future
At the heart of all of it is IoT Analytics and the team atTellient is taking what a device is doing and turning it into knowledge, insight, and ultimately, revenue.It can then be combined with other data to gain further valuable knowledge so that it can be provided to a machine to incorporate it into additional knowledge and insights to the collective knowledge base for all to benefit from.
This future is going to happen. The companies that stand to benefit the most are the ones that embrace the vision and build their product strategy around it, will be soonest to reap the greatest reward.
Furthermore,Tellient’s near term plans include several Proofs of Concepts (POCs) with major network operators &carriers in the US, Asia, and Europe. “Every customer, we turn up, Tellient gets “smarter” and the longer they run, the more our learning algorithms can improve. Because of this, the product is constantly evolving,” Conahan concludes.

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