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TeleTech : Leading Innovation in Humanifying the Customer Experience

In this hypercompetitive global economy, customer experience and brand loyalty are more important than ever. TeleTech’s holistic Customer Engagement platform helps companies create opportunities to strengthen customer engagement, enhance the customer experience, and deepen customer loyalty. Using a blend of customer-centric strategies, omnichannel technologies, and superior service interactions, the Customer Engagement platform provides seamless and effortless experiences for customers, because it draws from TeleTech’s proven expertise in managing the customer experience at every touchpoint.
Robert Jimenez, EVP of Customer Strategy Services, is responsible for advancing TeleTech’s consulting capabilities, solutions and strategy to deliver value-oriented outcomes through the integration of their consulting, technology, care and growth solutions. Robert has more than 20 years of experience working with the leading global brands in designing and enabling their customer experience transformation.
Before joining TeleTech, Robert served as the global VP of Customer Experience Management at Genpact. In this role, he developed innovative multichannel customer experience solutions that resulted in the enhanced Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction, and loyalty metrics. Prior to Genpact, he held Partner roles at Tatum Consulting, EMC Consulting, Capgemini, and IBM.
Integrating Customer Experience Solutions to Drive Outcomes
TeleTech helps their clients manage their daily lives from banking to health and wellness to retail purchases. Their approach brings together consulting, technology, care and growth services into a single seamless solution. Today, companies are challenged by an ever-changing consumer with journeys that are non-linear; moving across channels seamlessly with expectations that are becoming increasingly hard to manage. As customer expectations increase so do the expectations of companies in terms of their need to deliver unique experiences to drive emotional connections and long-lasting relationships. Their holistic approach is to bring together process, people, technology and operations that enable and operationalize experiences across all customer stages and channels.
The company’s services and solutions focus on their clients desired outcomes based on strategy, complexity, and budget. They believe that their integrated suite of services and approach to customer engagement is an industry differentiator. Leveraging their vertical expertise and customer experience domain knowledge to provide a comprehensive suite of services that enables companies to delight their customers and deliver profitable returns to shareholders.
TeleTech’s values are the foundation for their future. They lead every day at every level to achieve results and expect the highest degree of integrity from themselves and each other. They pride themselves on being innovators who make amazing things possible; delight customers and, most importantly, believe in their purpose and live it with intensity.
Putting the Customer in the Center of the Conversation
TeleTech was founded more than three decades ago on one guiding principle: customer relationships built on trust and simplicity deliver lasting value for everyone. Their strategy was to help companies design and enable their customer centricity strategy. TeleTech delivers outcomes through its portfolio of services from strategic consulting to technology enablement to management and implementation of customer care and growth centers. This complete and comprehensive offering allows TeleTech to truly serve their clients by partnering with them to provide a superior customer experience.
Building Long-term Relationships
TeleTech aims at leading the world’s most respected brands to create and grow emotionally connected, valuable, lasting relationships and to accelerate growth by simplifying and personalizing interactions that build deep engagement between people and these brands. TeleTech is well positioned to deliver on the customer experience promise for companies through their array of services from ideation to design to implementation to operations. They are invested in this journey to make their clients the most customer-centric brands in the world.