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Telecom Titans to open 5G Lab in Genoa

Telecom Italia Mobile and Ericsson have collaborated with the Municipality of Genoa and Liguria Digital to set up a 5G digital lab to discover the advantages of the technology intended for local residents, businesses and civil bureaus. The lab will be set up in the Genoa Research & Advanced Technology Campus. The tests will be carried out along with the telecom giants providing access to new 5G apps to their public and private associates to boost the development in ventures such as IoT, mobility, public safety and Industry 4.0. A collective scheme called ‘5G for Italy’ was undertaken by TIM and Ericsson to craft an amenable ecosystem for study and application of inventive projects assisted by 5G technology. In sectors of cloud robotics and automation, remote management of production lines, agro-tech and port management; tests have already been commenced.
Various preliminary projects have been identified by the program to be carried out; which include security systems for the transport of goods between ports, cloud robotics spearheading 5G enabled manufacturing, internet services applicable to the locomotive sector, management and monitoring health parameters remotely and providing video services.
Telecom Italia said, it intends on initiating the ‘Turin5G’ project following the 5G trials, aiming to provide coverage to the city with 5G tech by 2020. To accomplish this, it has joined forces with ‘Fastweb’, an Italian telecom company, to conduct 5G trials in various cities in Italy. The unison will install connectivity in a 3.7GHz band in the cities of Bari and Matera.