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Telecom Industry

Telecom Industry: A Promising and Technologically Advancing Future

Telecom Industry: A Promising and Technologically Advancing Future
In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace ecosystem, the telecommunications industry is witnessing evident technological improvements. The industry has transformed into an ever disrupting, inventive and keenly contested space with an unprecedented growth in high-speed mobile internet traffic, particularly with respect to wireless data and video streaming. Additionally, the wireless operators are quickly moving towards digital media platform offering online TV streaming services, resulting in innovative product differentiation on the part of wireless carriers. On the other hand, these operators are taking a more dynamic approach towards simplification, instead of going after costs.
Apart from this, certain growing competitors have catered to these expectations with massive investments to compete in this industry and expand the capacity of both wireless and wired networks as well as to facilitate the expected streak in high-speed data transmission. Currently, it continues to be a critical force for growth, innovation, and disruption across multiple industries.
Broadcast communication, being a part of the telecommunication industry is now making businesses more unique and fascinating. With its extended horizons, there are different openings for the forthcoming applicants. Through servicing the world’s ever-growing telephone and wireless connection needs, the telecommunication solution providers are continuing to expand their operations on a global level. More importantly, even individuals in emerging markets are signing up for telephone and Internet contracts, while new telecommunication technologies in developed nations are expanding providers’ pre-existing customer base.
So far, the telecommunication industry has witnessed overnight drastic changes due to technological breakthroughs. At the end of this decade, it is expected that these advancing technologies might carry new challenges as well as vast opportunities for the telecommunications industry. According to independent research reports, the global telecom industry will be massive in size and scale by 2020, with approximately 5.6 billion unique subscribers, 5.8 billion smartphones and operator revenue increases to $ 1.2 trillion from $ 1.1 trillion in 2015.
For the next 10 years, the communication service providers will be stimulated to transform the upcoming trends into a platform of opportunities, harnessing the five digital forces like Mobility & Computing, Big Data Analytics, Social Media, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to realign their business processes, products, and services. Further, the telecommunications ecosystem expects IoT to become a critical engine for future growth.
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– Kaustav Roy