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Tech Platforms join hands in combating fraud amidst Coronavirus.

All the biggest tech industries in the world have joined hands in combating fake information regarding Coronavirus. The tech giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, Reddit, Twitter and Youtube have come together to combine their efforts and send out a joint statement. These companies have made it their mission to fight the fraud and misinformation that has been Sen to out due to Coronavirus.
Their statement stated that they had been working closely on the COVID virus response and were helping millions of people while making combined efforts in combating fraud and misinformation about the virus. They want to publish authoritative content on their site and also keep the public updated with any critics news. They have been co-ordinating with other healthcare agencies. They have also encouraged other healthcare agencies to join this movement and help keep the communities healthy and safe.
It is widely unclear as too whether this joint effort will involve all the companies participating in it. They have been committed towards this common goal. Misinformation regarding coronavirus had been spreading since the very beginning of its origin in December of 2019. These faux massages and videos had been ravishing along all lines of social media. Tech companies have become more proactive than usual in taking down these hoaxes and taking care of fraud such as unnecessary price hike and hoarding of goods.