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Tech and Talent: Why Promo Models Are a Must-Have at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, is a must-see spectacle on every tech industry insider’s calendar that anyone who’s anyone in the tech world is in the know about.

This annual Las Vegas extravaganza attracts innovators, investors, and enthusiasts from far and wide to glimpse the latest and greatest tech, with the show in 2023 attracting over 3,200 exhibitors, 115,000 attendants, and over 40,000 international.

Whether you’re an established brand or an up-and-coming startup, this is the place to showcase your newest innovations on the world’s stage.

Now, amid all the groundbreaking tech at CES, there’s an under-the-radar element that’s crucial for standing out: promo models.

These talented individuals, known as CES models, work tirelessly to promote brands, wow audiences, and create unforgettable experiences on the crowded CES floor. Leading the charge in providing professional models and talent for tech events is Models In Tech, an agency recognized for seamlessly integrating skilled models into the tech industry landscape.

More and more savvy companies are booking models to amplify their voices and drive success at CES. They know these promo pros are integral to cutting through noise, attracting crowds, and conveying key messages under the glare of the Vegas lights.

Simply put, CES models are secret weapons for commanding attention and conveying the unique value of your brand’s innovations to attendees.

How you can use these promo models, what they can do for your business, and how to get started with them yourself is what we’re covering in this guide.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

The Role and Responsibilities of Promo Models at CES

Tech and Talent: Why Promo Models Are a Must-Have at CES

At the beating heart of  , there are the talented promo models.

The point of these models is to represent your business in the best possible way, acting as crucial brand ambassadors.

They epitomize a tech company’s values and convey key messages with irresistible charisma – no brochure can pull that off.

Put it this way, within your business, do you have people who are charismatic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and outgoing enough to attract people in, draw them to your booth, excite them as to what you’ve got to offer, and make a statement that enables you to stand out from your competitors?

Do you have people who would do that for the entire show?

The chances are you don’t, as you’re more likely to have coders, managers, developers, product devs, marketers, and the sorts.

Thankfully, you don’t need to push your team out of their comfort zones because CES promo models exist to handle everything on your behalf.

CES models provide the make-or-break first impression for customer interactions, setting the stage for meaningful brand connections. Even amid the visual overload of tech, their stylish brand reps attract crowds, helping companies stand out in the sea of thousands.

But CES models aren’t just eye candy – they excel at converting attention into engagement. These pros educate attendees on the latest offerings in a personalized way that gets people invested.

Through vibrant convos, they generate leads and forge valuable partnerships. In short, CES models tackle three vital roles: spreading brand awareness, scoring leads, and crafting unforgettable experiences.

Everything you need to seek success for your business.

The Benefits of Employing Promo Models at CES for Tech Businesses

Tech and Talent: Why Promo Models Are a Must-Have at CES

Booking CES models packs some serious perks for amping up your brand’s presence. Let’s dive deeper into the key benefits:

  • Interactive brand experiences: Models morph sterile marketing into warm, personal conversations. By embodying your brand’s identity with charisma, they convey messages in an engaging way that resonates, leading to fun and memorable booth visits.
  • Increased booth traffic: With their magnetic personalities and welcoming manner, CES models inherently attract crowds. Their professional yet approachable aura draws in visitors and maintains a steady flow of foot traffic to your booth.
  • Major visibility and recognition: Among the tech overload, models help carve out your brand presence with dynamic interactions. Representing you with energy and flair earns noticeable visibility on the packed CES floor.
  • Building loyalty: By fostering personal connections with attendees, CES models invoke trust and loyalty towards your brand – vital for long-term success. Their charm gets people invested.

In essence, CES models are your vivacious frontline, driving traffic, delivering unique experiences, and laying the groundwork for lasting relationships. They’re invaluable assets for tech companies pursuing a winning CES presence.

Promo Models’ Contribution to the Overall CES Event Experience

Tech and Talent: Why Promo Models Are a Must-Have at CES

While a tech lover’s paradise, CES can also feel pretty overwhelming for attendees, given the sheer scale of innovations on display. This is where promo models really shine – not only for the brands they represent but also in shaping the entire CES experience.

Let’s unpack their wide-reaching contribution:

  • Demystifying tech: Cutting-edge products can definitely intimidate or confuse people. But models have a knack for delivering precise, engaging demos that simplify even complex tech jargon. This makes the innovations feel more relatable and user-friendly for crowds.
  • Crowd control pros: Navigating CES is no small feat, but models keep booth interactions smooth sailing. Their ability to adeptly manage crowds creates a welcoming vibe and organized flow for all involved.
  • Unforgettable first impressions: As the first point of contact, models leave visitors with truly memorable booth experiences. Their warm, charismatic presence, paired with professional poise, makes them impossible to forget.
  • Adding the human touch: Models bring much-needed personal connections to balance the tech-centric event. Their personable interactions inject comfort and engagement into an otherwise overwhelming environment.

While companies book CES models to represent their brand, their impact stretches across the entire trade show floor. From simplifying complex innovations to easing navigation, models influence the overall event experience.

Their presence ensures meaningful human connections shine through amidst the tech overload. You could say that CES models act as facilitators, making technology more accessible and interactions smooth and organized for all attendees.

Their charisma and professionalism shape positive first impressions of brands that stick in people’s minds long after the show. And their personal touch cultivates an enhanced CES atmosphere that feels engaging rather than intimidating.

In short, CES models elevate the event beyond a tech showcase into a comfortable, memorable experience. Companies that leverage their talents reap benefits both at their booth and across the entire CES landscape.


The power of CES models to amplify tech brands’ success is clear. These talented individuals grab attention as captivating brand champions, shaping positive perceptions and scoring leads through memorable interactions.

Incorporating models doesn’t just boost your own booth – it enhances experiences across the whole event. With their tech know-how, models make innovations feel accessible to attendees. As CES ambassadors, they build valuable rapport and loyalty with visitors.

Simply put, models are a must-have to make a splash at the epic CES showcase. They drive greater visibility, meaningful connections, and tangible results.

If you’re ready to stand out from the CES crowd, Models In Tech has you covered. Their exceptional promotional models will showcase your brand and engage audiences on a whole new level! Make this your most successful CES yet – book Models In Tech today.