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Team Technology: A full suite of IT consulting, Business Solutions & Staffing Services for SMB’s

Dedicated to the values of Teamwork, Openness, Trust, Transparency, and Collaboration, Team Technology aims to help small and mid-sized businesses capture and leverage the benefits of enterprise-grade tools and capabilities at SMB-friendly prices. TEAM’s services range from developing the right IT strategy that supports the client’s business plan, and extends all the way through implementing and supporting IT solutions, as well as finding the right people to support the client’s needs.
High Quality & Value-Added Services offered
Team Technology provides a full suite of IT consulting, support and staffing services, specialized for small and mid-market companies.
Team Technology has been working with their developers and with Microsoft to better integrate Microsoft products.  As a result, TEAM can now deliver business operations platforms which function as a singular package and can provide full ERP, CRM and Office functionality on the world’s most secure cloud platform.
Team Technology’s flagship product, Business365®, is that complete business platform which provides a comprehensive and secure accounting, resource, inventory, sales, invoicing and operations management system. It is based on key Microsoft products including Office 365, Dynamics NAV (ERP), CRM Online, Power BI and the Enterprise Mobility Suite.
Expert team, specialized in full IT strategy development
Experts at Team Technology are specialized in IT strategy development. TEAM initially takes the time to fully understand clients’ business and their needs.  Next they identify improvement opportunities and only then do they recommend the right technology solutions that will catapult a client’s business forward.
TEAM’s experts are able to support virtually every Microsoft product. Additionally, they provide IT support services all the way from architecture design, to network and server installation, to business software as well as ongoing IT support and maintenance.
TEAM’s mission is to become the SMB IT Partner of Choice for companies that want to embrace technology and leverage IT to its fullest advantage.
Steve Olp, President & CEO of Team Technology is a seasoned IT strategist and business leader with a broad background in a variety of business roles ranging across Executive Management, IT, Operations, Customer Service, Quality, Environment and Safety. He has more than 30 years of practical experience, and now assists small and mid-sized businesses to achieve world-class performance by ensuring the right technology is married to the right business plan.
Steve says, “Our clients have experienced numerous issues with Digital & Cyber Security, PII, PCI, HIPAA, and other technology challenges. We have helped resolve those quickly and efficiently.  It is not uncommon for us to identify technology risks and to resolve them prior to our clients experiencing any losses or downtime. We have typically been able to reduce IT costs by 25-50%, while at the same time, increasing clients’ capabilities.”
With a strong foundation in Microsoft technologies, coupled with significant real-world experience, TEAM is able to help SMB’s leverage technology in an efficient way that reduces their risk, while at the same time, improves their agility, profitability, and scalability. Many SMB’s haven’t been able to afford the up-front costs or to take full advantage of what today’s technologies offer, but with TEAM’s new Business365® offering, that up-front cost can be virtually eliminated from the equation, leaving a simple, predictable and affordable monthly cost.