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TCDI: Preserving Relationships and Building Innovative Technology

For over 30 years, TCDI has been a pioneer in the legal market empowering law firms and corporate legal departments. TCDI specializes in large-scale litigation case management, eDiscovery, managed document review, computer forensics and cybersecurity. Their innovative proprietary legal technology solutions help clients solve legal challenges by efficiently organizing and managing large volumes of data. Their technology is designed to decrease client cost by reducing data volumes and making human review and production more accurate.
The TCDI Story
Upon arriving at TCDI’s headquarters in Greensboro, NC visitors are likely to be greeted by a rare welcoming committee, a group of Labradoodle dogs. This greeting is one of many examples of the unique culture that can be found at TCDI, the company behind client-designed proprietary eDiscovery and Litigation Management software. Thirty years ago, TCDI’s current CEO, Bill Johnson, and now retired Jerry Eatherly, founded TCDI in Northern Virginia. Initially formed to bridge the gap between software development and legal services, TCDI has spent the last 30 years evolving to meet the needs of their clients. The once small company has grown to 71 employees, two offices and multiple virtual offices across the U.S. with expanded service offerings including: largescale litigation case management, eDiscovery, managed document review, computer forensics, and cybersecurity.
With an initial focus on providing long-term, full-service support throughout the discovery process, TCDI realized the need to provide customizable and comprehensive software for their clients, rather than standard-off-the-shelf software. Ultimately, TCDI recognized that the best way to create client specific solutions was to concentrate on building long-term partnerships with their clients.
Today, TCDI has client relationships extending beyond 20 years. Their team of design engineers and data scientists has a true understanding of the clients’ obstacles and challenges, which allows them to adapt their solutions to meet those needs. This eliminates the burden of working with third party development teams, resulting in increased efficiencies and savings for their clients. Many clients consider TCDI’s team to be an extension of their own. Johnson exemplifies this by saying, “Once a team is built with our clients, we believe that team needs to stay together.” This philosophy extends internally as well. TCDI’s goal is, and has always been, to cultivate long-lasting relationships with their own team members. Creating a people-centric company through fun, comfortable work environments, company-wide team gatherings (usually involving food) and an on-site gym with personal trainer are just some of the ways TCDI ensures team members feel valued. This culture reinforces the company’s commitment to creating a healthy, fun and productive work family. While TCDI’s technology and services continue to evolve, the focus on relationships remains a priority.
Current Service Offerings
Cybersecurity breaches are significantly impacting businesses due to the increase in the number of attacks as well as the rise of the costs associated with them, TCDI understands the importance of data security and privacy. Their team of trusted advisors, comprised of security experts and industry thought leaders take an innovative approach to data security services by combining “best of breed” technology with their proprietary cybersecurity assessment application to create custom-tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. TCDI’s cybersecurity services include: cybersecurity assessment, penetration testing, comprehensive security monitoring and management, policy and plan development, data breach response and investigative services, security awareness training, access to a team of certified and highly skilled experts on an “as-needed basis and law firm security evaluation. TCDI also provides legal solutions that support the entire eDiscovery process. At some point, nearly every business likely will produce electronic evidence to comply with court mandates or regulatory requests. From data processing through managed document review and production, TCDI has their own proprietary software platforms and capabilities to help clients manage, organize and analyze large volumes of electronic information to lower the risk and costs that are associated with electronic discovery. TCDI also specializes in computer forensics. In today’s world, evidence is rarely preserved on paper, making it imperative to know how to collect digital evidence and recover data. TCDI’s certified forensics analysts are trained to collect and analyze electronic evidence following forensic methodologies and procedures. With unparalleled experience, exceptional service and sophisticated technology – TCDI continues to push the boundaries of the industry.
Outlining the Future
As TCDI looks towards the future, they plan to expand carefully to ensure their growth never extends beyond their ability to deliver the highest level of service. “Our goal has never been to be the biggest, but to simply be the best,” said Johnson. In striving to be the best for their clients, TCDI invests heavily in their employees through programs such as Lean Six Sigma and continuous process improvement. In fact, TCDI has certified seventy percent of its team members in Lean Six Sigma. TCDI plans to use their foundation of innovative legal solutions, Lean Six Sigma methodology and a highly experienced staff to broaden their service offerings in order to provide the most comprehensive set of services to their clients.