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Sean Cochrane, President, TCC

TCC Canada: Your one stop destination for office management

The way we conduct business has seen a seismic change right from the office space to the services needed to sustain a flourishing business. Considering this growing need in the office spaces solutions market, TCC Canada was conceptualized and has been catering to specialists, consultants, and business for more than 25 years.
The traditional office and workforce have changed. TCC Canada picked up the pulse in the market and began providing the business center required for the fragmented professional labor force. This it did by simply providing traditional office management resources ranging from reception to utilities, which helped professionals to focus on meeting the needs of their clients efficiently and that too with limited overhead expenses.
With the ever-evolving business community, TCC Canada has also been upgrading its services time and again, providing both physical and virtual office space solutions for every type of business. No wonder it is the leader in providing managed offices space services.
The Success Story 
TCC Canada prides itself on being a leading innovator in the managed and serviced office industry.  The word “office” has a different nuance to each customer using it, and our vision stems from this.  We aim to provide flexible office options for every business size and type.  From entrepreneur to established enterprise companies, TCC provides customers with the tools and back office support they need to reach their goals.
The range of options include virtual services, coworking and shared spaces, a la carte meeting room rentals, and executive offices and suites all the way to custom fully managed private suites. TCC’s journey has been one full of successes, thanks to the importance that is placed on fulfilling the needs of its clients; when they grow, TCC grows with them.
TCC is keen on creating the most inclusive, supportive, inspiring workspaces for each of its clients to help them achieve the greatest success in their business.  People who are able to focus and do their best work will always succeed over their hurdles and TCC hopes to be there every step of the way to help in each of its client’s success.
Dynamic Leadership 
President of TCC, Sean Cochrane, has been instrumental in taking the company to new heights. Sean is the new president of TCC Canada, who after 15 years in the business has taken the reins from the original founder who has been the head of this great organization for 30 years. Starting as IT support for the clients at TCC Canada, Sean quickly showed his resourcefulness in the operations behind the scenes.
Working through many of the key positions in the company over the years in 2015 he took over as VP of Operations.  With the added power behind his title, Sean pushed the growth of TCC Canada into places never thought possible. Growing yearly revenues by at least 100% year on year from 2015 until present, Sean has expanded the TCC Canada portfolio to over 200,000 square feet of managed office space. Opening the doors to direct space management deals with some of the world’s largest IT and technology firms, Sean has pushed the business to being the largest privately owned, shared workspace organization in Canada.
Exclusive Facilities and Amenities 
Carefully noticing each of the new centers that is opened, TCC Canada improves on its designs with each independent location. Taking the local art, architecture, and design from the heart of each of the city centers that it operates in, each location brings its own personal local touch to what office space can be.  State-of-the-art technology and design go into every aspect of each of the spaces from the acoustically sealed, digitally equipped zoom rooms to the private, independently ventilated phone booth rooms.
Some of the spaces offer common amenities that would make your jaw drop, such as a two-story 300-person event space with double spiral staircases.  The office is not just four walls and a floor but is also a custom canvas that we can create exceptional and innovative spaces for people to lead their best work lives.
Health and wellness, of course, fall into the forefront of this and is designed from the start.  From accessible height adjustable desks, to special MERV13 filters to ensure all particulates are filtered out, to the beautiful plant life and living walls, it is important that the space not just be pretty to look at but the best it can be for our health.
Current scenario of Managed Office Spaces industry 
TCC Canada believes that they are right where they need to be.  The commercial real estate industry is changing, customers no longer want that 5-to-10-year lease and capital overlay. They want flexibility and the independence to focus on growing their business.
“With flexible office options on the rise, we have positioned ourselves to be able to serve the needs of any type of business requiring managed office space. Our flexibility to change space as we need it allows us to not only have made to order spaces ready for immediate rental but also be able to create ‘office in a box’ custom spaces, team suites, or entire floors to bring the companies’ vision to reality,” say the team of TCC.
Looking to the future, TCC is focusing on some of its larger enterprise clients who are going to want fun inspiring spaces for their staff to come in and use on a more flexible basis.
Whatever You Want 
TCC Canada offers everything, from the single use one-hour booking of a single space all the way to the custom 400+ person multi-floor office.  “We have open workspaces you can just rent a single desk in for whenever you need it, but we have custom private suites for companies of any size.  We offer virtual office packages that allow you to run your business from home, while keeping a corporate physical profile” says team TCC.
Flexibility is the Name 
The new normal is going to be flexible!  If you are not offering a flexible component to your staff on the other side of this pandemic, then you are not going to be keeping top tier talent, opines the TCC management.
App for Ease of Business 
TCC has a comprehensive internal application that manages its spaces and gives its clients easy access to everything via our APP.  With online mentorship and business support services, TCC has been able to help and connect local entrepreneurs to each other using its easy-to-use online app. The flexible terms of TCC allow its clients to quickly expand or contract their spaces when needed allowing them a sizable advantage to competitors when needs to ramp up scale.
“One of the biggest differentiators for us, is we focus on the individual employee.  We know that no space is perfect for all people, which is why we look to customize things all the way down to the individual to help ensure a happy successful team,” shares team TCC.
Looking Ahead 
In the next five years, TCC will be opening its branches in all the remaining major markets in Canada as well as starting their push into the American market. Ten years from now, TCC envisions that everyone in North America will know its name.