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Tatvaya: Bringing Your Brand to the Lime Light

Today, every business urges to be the “first-choice” of the customer. The need to strengthen and manage the perceptions of a business, branding is just inevitable. It is only the good branding which differentiates services and products from others, simultaneously giving customers the best reason to select your products and services than others.
Previously, branding and advertising were the tactics of marketing, but the scenario is totally changed today. Now, marketing and advertising has become an integral part of branding, which has resulted in the utmost need of brand consultancy for any business that wants to get in the competition.
While building a brand, there is no particular manual. A brand position and reputation can be only built with a perfect strategy and planning. The best solution out there for this is Mumbai based Tatvaya Brand Consultancy, which is helping businesses to turn into a brand, putting the best suitable strategy on. The expert team at Tatvaya is making a perfect fusion of psychology and technology to turn out a business into a brand.
“Part design, part advertising, part storytelling but fully driven to solve business problems, we believe that brands equal the experience they deliver and we help our clients create those experiences through consulting, design and engagement.”- Tatvaya
Amruta Pathak, ‘Mover & Shaker’ of Tatvaya
While building a brand, startups have to spend a lot of time, energy, money, and caffeine. The struggle to do this is something very painful. Only after getting this pain point, Amruta Pathak, Founder & Brand Consultant at Tatvaya, has started Tatvaya Brand Consultancy in 2012.
Amruta has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a specialization in Strategic Communication from the University of Kansas. Working as a Copywriting Intern in Absorbent, Inc., Amruta started off her writing career, as an in charge of writing articles for article marketing and as an in charge of writing blog posts for the company’s two blogs. After that, she worked as a Freelancer in Lawrence Journal-World, Junior Copywriter at Quadrant Communication Pvt. Ltd., and Copy & Content Strategist at Digital Law & Kenneth.
After taking a writing experience and a Journalism degree, Amruta came to India with a dream to explore a whole new world of advertising agency. With this dream, Amruta laid the first stone of Tatvaya, an advertising firm. It is later, that Amruta found out the need of establishing a Brand Consultancy to help the startups explore the world of branding. Being a woman entrepreneur, Amruta shares, “A woman can do anything on the basis of her inbuilt quality of picking up things easily. But with that she needs to know the on goings of other industries too.”
Tatvaya: ‘Turning Startups into Brands’
Designing predominantly for the future of the brand, Tatvaya is a strategic expert and a creative explorer committed to solve complex challenges. The expert team of Tatvaya uses smart tools and global resources to examine the implications of every brand choice while creating new experiences, and opening doors for a new opportunity.
Tatvaya is making brands iconic while making the products stand tall in the thriving competition. The chief components at Tatvaya are meaningful, fresh strategies and design which makes a real difference to the customer, brand and most importantly to the business. While it comes to creating a successful brand, Tatvaya brings in outstanding thinking, marketing depth and creative expression.
“The most important factor of branding is the strategy,” says Amruta, “When a product comes to Tatvaya, it is our responsibility to drive the impact by bridging the gap between strategy and execution by integrating a full range of growth enabling capabilities like marketing, innovation, digital, and design, and using our analytical skills to turn a product into a brand.”
The process is simple, Tatvaya follows the steps of branding starting with, Strategy Development, which is the first and foremost important step in branding. Second one is, Strategy Deployment, which includes employing core methodologies to address the critical issues. Third one is, Brand Engagement, which includes relevant, unique and compelling customer experiences. Fourth one is, Brand Management, which includes, setting the business up to be brand savvy for the long term.
“Here design meets advertising, graphics meet retail, design, corporate identities meet strategic planning, designers meet writers, and the end result, is a brand experience that cannot be matched,” says Amruta.
Adroit Team of Tatvaya
An adroit team of brand consultants, planners, writers and designers, fuses insights, strategy, creativity and imagination to create a brand strategy. The team altogether sees the opportunities differently and breaks down silos to deliver unique solutions. Amruta says, “Our team is a unique blend of best-in-class thinkers, creators and practitioners.” Additionally, the team is able to understand the mindset of the customer very well, which is the utmost important aspect of a branding consultancy. Amruta adds, “We emphasize the transparency and honesty, at the same time try to understand the customer’s need and current industry status.”
While talking about the future of Tatvaya, Amruta elaborates, “Success comes with hardship which we are geared up for. We want to be best known for the transparency, honesty and problem solving nature of ours.”