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Targetbase: Putting Customer Intelligence at the Core

Consumers are using technology more than ever before, and they generate an ocean of data every day. Most brands understand the importance of collecting that data but lack an action plan. However, just because data exists does not mean an organization needs it; deciding what data is relevant, and how to leverage it for business is the crucial factor. This relevant, actionable business intelligence is provided by a digital CRM agency named Targetbase. 
Targetbase is an expert at understanding customers’ needs, wants, desires and pain-points, and delivering personalized marketing programs at scale. It does this by connecting data, insights, strategy, and creativity into compelling and intelligent experiences built on modern, cloud-based marketing platforms.
As a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 clients, Targetbase is relentlessly focused on delivering value for its clients by solving persistent business challenges. It is a part of the Omnicom Group, a global leader in advertising, marketing services, specialty communications, PR, interactive/digital media and media purchasing services.
Groundbreaking Products and Services 
Today’s rapidly changing customer preferences and behaviors, fueled by a dynamic media and technology landscape, can overwhelm marketing teams with their complexity. Targetbase offers an integrated suite of products and services to help its clients navigate this labyrinth, and to activate simple and agile marketing programs.
The company’s innovative products and services have won many awards and it has consistently rated as a leader in customer engagement by Forrester Research. Targetbase’s core product and service offerings are aligned across five disciplines:

  • Data and Technology: One of the pioneers in 1:1 marketing, Targetbase has a strong heritage in transforming massive, complex and disconnected data sources into a connected data engine to mine insights and drive customer experience (CX) design. Its solution is cloud-first and built on an open and flexible tech stack to allow rapid integration and deployment across any type of client environment.
  • Predictive Analytics: Most clients come to Targetbase with a “datarich, insight-poor” challenge. The organization solves this by uncovering insights at a rapid pace using interactive dashboards, live reporting, advanced statistical modeling, machine learning, deep learning and AI techniques. Over the last 3 years, Targetbase has accelerated its analytical techniques to blend both structured and unstructured data in real time to amplify its insight gathering to keep pace with changing business needs.
  • CX Design: Armed with deep insights and a true customer-level understanding, Targetbase’s strategists develop robust customer experiences through journey mapping, communications planning and messaging hierarchies that are bespoke to every client need and business challenge. It has also developed a methodical approach to evolve clients’ business strategies through its Value Creation Plans (VCPs) that constantly challenge the status quo to drive continuous growth.
  • Digital Creative: Targetbase’s award-winning creative team brings these CX designs to life through powerful and culturally relevant communications that drive the company’s content and storytelling across all media channels. It activates high-volume and high-velocity marketing programs that are intelligently delivered across channels to drive strong business results for clients.
  • Agile Delivery: The company takes pride in its ability to rapidly launch and execute complex client engagements in the market. Targetbase’s experienced teams across client service and delivery disciplines are focused on flawlessly and efficiently executing its programs to achieve optimal results.

The Passionate Leader 
Mark Wright, started his career in Direct Marketing with Harlequin Enterprises.
For more than 25 years, Mark has been using customer intelligence to transform the way brands acquire, retain, and grow customers by understanding what it takes to engage customers and motivate behavioral change. He developed his skills at some of the leading marketing agencies in Canada – Rapp, Wunderman, and McCann MRM – before joining Targetbase as its President and CEO.
Mark’s leadership has led to Targetbase doubling its revenues. He attributes his success to the talented group of individuals in his powerhouse leadership team, who are able to identify opportunities, innovate and ideate, problem-solve and move the best possible talent forward to help clients win.
Mark motivates, challenges the status quo, inspires with enthusiasm and, most of all, enjoys what he does.
The Foundation Stone 
Targetbase is on a mission to make marketing more useful to different brands and to different consumers. The organization truly believes that by being personal and relevant, brands can be more valuable to consumers and vice versa. In todays’ opt-in culture, brands that adopt a mass-marketing approach in lieu of delivering a data-driven, personalized 1:1 experience will struggle to keep their place – both in their industry and in their customers’ hearts and minds.
Targetbase believes that to be a true CRM agency, a company should be able to retain its own clients longer than the competition. It also invests in cultivating long-standing client relationships in an industry where one-off projects and year-long engagements are increasingly common.
There are three differentiators that sets Targetbase apart from other datadriven marketing agencies.

  • Client-Centric Model: Targetbase wraps its data, intelligence and creative solutions with an experienced client team that truly understands its clients’ needs and priorities and executes at a high-level of precision. In addition to keeping the focus on revenue and profit growth that matters to most clients, Targetbase helps its individual clients and their teams achieve professional growth goals. This sets it apart as a trusted advisor and business partner rather than merely being a marketing services vendor.
  • People-First Culture: To fulfill its promise of a client-centric model, Targetbase puts people first at its agency. It understands that, ultimately, talent and attitude help Targetbase win with its clients. From resource planning to career road-mapping to training and coaching, the organization always ensures that its employees come first, while serving Targetbase’s business in a prudent manner. The organization believes that one of the reasons for its long client tenures is the length of Targetbase’s employee tenures. When employees on a team are happy and free to pursue their growth goals, the organization will inevitably see client relationships grow and thrive as well.
  • Open Partnerships: Targetbase has built a modern platform that helps clients activate marketing programs with great agility. The organization’s modular, cloudbased, open approach to marketing technology helps it to integrate and partner with a widevariety of first-, second-, thirdparty data sources, DMPs, DSPs and media platforms. Targetbase has also adopted a ‘complement not compete’ approach to maximize existing technology investments its clients have made, and augment only the missing elements to enable marketing maximization.

Awards and Accolades 
Targetbase’s work is always focused on achieving results that matter to clients. Not surprisingly, it has been recognized for its excellence both by its clients and by premier industry forums.
Some of the most notable accomplishments over the past few years include the Honda Premier Partner Award in 2016 and 2017. These awards were established in 1998 to recognize suppliers who embrace American Honda’s philosophy of exceeding consumer expectations. Targetbase has been recognized as a Premier Partner 14 times over the past 17 years. The organization is proud to have been selected from over 65,000 eligible suppliers by American Honda Associates nationwide.
“Targetbase makes us smarter. They know our business and our customer as well as we do,” said Director at the American Honda Motor company.
Additionally, the organization has won the 2016 and 2017 DTC Perspectives Agency Vanguard Awards in the Healthcare vertical, the 2016 DTC National Advertising Award for “Best Disease Education digital/social campaign”, the 2015 advertising award for best customer support via program or event, and the 2014 best CRM agency awards.
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