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Target Integration: Delivering Precise ERP Solutions with Determination

Business management has come a long way in the digital age. Because companies are always online, their customers and partners expect to have their needs addressed promptly and decisively. However, maintaining an online presence and having the capacity to leverage it to build meaningful business relationships are two entirely different things.
Many consulting companies’ offers Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software but they lack the true insight and expertise to help clients master the digital realm. To avoid that problem, customers are approaching Target Integration.
Excellence Starts with Leadership
Target Integration is a CRM & ERP consultation, implementation, and support Services Company based in Dublin, Ireland.
The company has already established itself as one of the fastest growing CRM and ERP providers in the country, and has expanded internationally with offices in India and the United Kingdom. Despite being only a decade old, it has managed to grow its client network to 19 countries across the globe, including Singapore, Japan, Costa Rica, Scotland, and Switzerland.
Combining proven expertise in technology with an understanding of emerging business trends, Target Integration delivers a range of software development solutions that include CRM, ERP, e-business solutions, Help Desk Management Software and related services.
Target Integration prides itself on its independence and commitment to the right solution for every customer. This refreshing neutral approach has earned them clients that rank among the largest and most recognizable brand names in the world, including Microsoft, Zoho, Odoo, CloudYogi, VTiger, Google and Sundown AI.
Much of the success that Target Integration enjoys can be attributed directly to the hard work and vision of its Founder and CEO, Rohit Thakral. Rohit is an electronics engineer who studied at the Pusa Polytechnic in Delhi, India as well as at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland.
He is currently a member of the steering committee of the Ireland-India Business Association (IIBA) and an ambassador of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.
Rohit’s vision for the company, and the industry, is molded by IT trends that are rapidly reshaping not just daily life, but society as a whole. He recognizes that these developments are allowing businesses in every industry to push the boundaries of what is possible.
To ensure that Target Integration is ideally positioned to build on these changes, Rohit strives to maintain the high level of professionalism for which his team is renowned. He says that he is guided by his favorite quote, which comes from visionary business icon, Richard Branson.
You don’t learn to walk by following the rules, you learn by doing, and by falling over.
Reinventing the Ecosystem
The software development industry has characteristically been an arena with low entry barriers. While this may seem like a positive attribute on the surface, it actually creates a world that is rife with correspondingly low standards of products and a saturated competitive market.
This, in turn, leads to shrinking profit margins that constrain the level of reinvestment in technology which is essential to the creation of better products and business practices.
Target Integration has completely upended this approach. Instead of vying for the lowest common denominator, it focuses on delivering the highest quality of products and services. As a result of this distinctly superior strategy, the company has created an entirely new league of services.
With its credentials firmly established, Target Integration is now seen as the high-value option for companies seeking quality customer service and a fast turnaround.
Another differentiator is that Target Integration does not terminate its relationship with clients upon delivery of a product. The company maintains its channels of communication with them to ensure that they have a reliable partner who is just as invested in their success as they are.
While execution and follow-up are integral to the reputation that Target Integration has built, their unique approach to providing exceptional products and services begins at the very first interaction with every client.
All too often, businesses looking for a CRM and/or ERP solution try to choose the most feature-rich (and expensive) product that their budget can afford. This is due in no small part to vendors who push certain products and services, either because they have an arrangement with the manufacturer or simply because they are looking to make the largest possible sale.
In the end, the business ends up with a bloated version of the software that they need. It does not perform as smoothly or as quickly and is unwieldy due to the excessive number of components that are seldom – or never – used.
At Target Integration, the first step of every client relationship is an effort to identify which specific elements of the CRM/ERP are required. They are then separated into ‘Essentials’ and ‘Desirables’ based on consultations with the client.
This is a revenue-agnostic approach, where Target Integration conveys neutral, unbiased advice on the complexity of the solution required and recommends what they believe will be the best solution in the client’s prevailing circumstances. As the client’s business progresses, this advice may change to reflect the most current scenario.
Customer satisfaction is very important in the software industry and Target Integration invests substantial effort into ensuring that it never fails in this respect. Every solution it provides adheres to international compliance standards and allows clients to outpace their competition without investing any additional financial or manpower resources.
Constant Evolution
Target Integration has evolved considerably since it was launched in 2008. This change pervades all aspects of the company’s operations, from the core team to the services it provides. However, each change was a course correction designed to help it build better solutions for its clients and improve the relationship it shares with them.
“To grow you must adapt and to adopt you must learn,” says Rohit, “Target Integration has experienced it all and will surely learn more in the future. We believe that learning is a key that helps you sail ahead, learn from your mistakes, learn from all your projects, learn from all the ventures you go on, and apply the knowledge received with the right amount of wisdom. It helps you strive towards your goal.”
Today, the company is a resilient and highly-respected member of the industry that has played a significant role in how the sector has changed over the past decade. This year, Target Integration was awarded the title of Supply Chain Software Provider of the Year 2018-19 by Business All-Stars at Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland.
Touching on how the environment has shifted and is expected to shift in the future, Rohit alludes to an increased sense of accountability that goes beyond just satisfying clauses in contracts.
“The unprecedented access and influence businesses enjoy today come with a new set of responsibilities which includes the growing expectations of customers, employees, business partners, regulatory bodies, governments, and other entities. There is always a lot to expect from those who have a lot to give.”
Target Integration plans to broaden its reach around the world by establishing offices in geographical sectors where there is potential to attract a high volume of new clients who appreciate service excellence. They are currently looking at Singapore and Japan in this regard.
“These nations are developed and companies there have access to the very best CRM and ERP software in the world. However, we know through experience that software is a great foundation for success but it is not everything. There is a void between what software can achieve and real success in the business world; Target Integration is committed to bridging that void.”
The company has already incorporated the latest technology trends, including AI, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing into its work. This has given it an agility that most competitors cannot match, and Target Integration intends to stay the course to blaze new trails in the CRM and ERP services arena.
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