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Tarcisio Vergani | CEO | N-& Group Ltd.

Tarcisio Vergani: When Innovation Meets Technical Excellence

When the lines of innovation, technology, and business are intersected, great results are achieved. N- and Group Ltd. is the result of one such intersection. As an innovation enabler, N-and Group specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of cutting-edge engineering products and software platforms.
The company has spread its wings in UK, Italy, China and Hong Kong and has partner network across Europe, Asia and America. The position and value that the company holds today in the market has all become possible due to continuous efforts of a visionary leader, Tarcisio Vergani, the President and Group CEO of the company, and his team. With his technical excellence, deep business acumen, and sharp leadership skills, Tarcisio is steering the ship of N- and Group in a direction to create novel experiences for businesses and end users.

“We are in a constant learning mode to become as individuals a better version of ourselves with the experiences and stories we are writing together as a business.”

N-and Group constantly keeps an eye on the latest technology trends, and it takes them into consideration when it develops a product roadmap. The ultimate goal of the company is to make sure its customer gets future proofed technologies that allow them to evolve and promote new business models. The company scouts emerging technologies as well as matured technologies in adjacent market that can be adapted to drive innovation for its customers. “At the end of the day we want our customer to succeed by differentiating themselves in the market place. If they win, we win,” says Tarcisio.
Tarcisio is driven by the word ‘innovation’ and he inculcates the same in everything he does. Since the age of 14, he has always kept himself busy with different jobs while being a student. At 24, he landed his first proper job in Engineering and since then he has always focused on the pure meaning of value innovation.
Tarcisio always wanted to capture the best of others to build a better version of himself. He has changed a lot during his life. He was fortunate to meet many extraordinary people that contributed to his personal and professional growth. An event that changed his life was the compulsory military service in Italy. During that time, he had the opportunity to serve in a very small Carabinieri Station in the mountains in the north of Italy for about 1 year. This experience made him grow up, believe in his abilities, be in charge of his life by also being accountable for his choices, and feel comfortable with pressure and changes.
Since then, Tarcisio has been driven to absorb knowledge and taking on more and more responsibilities. He wanted to make a positive difference in everything he did. This, combined with his passion for engineered products, allowed him to be where he is today.
According to Tarcisio, every business leader should possess Integrity, Accountability, Empathy, Vision, and Resilience to climb the ladder of success. With his passion and determination, Tarcisio leads by example and thus, his team respects and follows him with confidence. When around him, people feel safe both professionally and personally because he is responsible and trustworthy, and his actions are driven by ethical principles and down to heart attitude.
Tarcisio is of the opinion that technology changes at a fast pace and can have interesting strategic implications for companies. In most cases, new technologies present opportunities for organizations to reinvent their business models and drive significant efficiency into their operations. Companies that are open to the change and embrace new technologies can seize a significant competitive advantage. N- and Group does so, which is what makes it a go-to company and preferred choice for businesses to consider.
In order to sustain his entrepreneurial spirit in this changing technological era, Tarcisio stays updated by reading relevant content online including social media. Not only this, he also takes every chance to learn and feed his inspiration by visiting customers and suppliers. Pandemic aside, he travels a lot to get to know markets, to learn about new trends and how technologies adapt to in different cultures, which he tries to experience “in the field”.
“I like to understand how things are built so I can transfer this knowledge into our product, to improve it and make it best in class,” asserts Tarcisio. He fosters collaboration inside and outside N-and Group, creating a culture that empowers employees and partners to share knowledge and ideas. He constantly engages with customers to have feedbacks and a better understanding of the challenges they face, to come up with valuable solutions to help them grow further.
Besides, Tarcisio keeps an eye on market dynamics. He and his team map the market and define the best approach to adapt their strategy and products based on how the dynamics are changing. In their strategic meetings they focus also on how customers are linked together, how they play, how they leverage their partners, what is their price strategy etc. To achieve a deeper level of understanding, they use networking as an efficient way of boosting the knowledge within the business, which also sometimes opens up new opportunities and partnerships.
Through N- and Group, Tarcisio’s vision is to revolutionise the way human-machine interaction works.