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John Austin, CEO and Founder, Talegent

Talegent: Proposing Best Assessments and Promoting Recruitment Efficiencies.

Together everyone achieves more. That’s the power of a team. By combining the efforts of resourceful people in the organization any organization can rise to the heights of great success. It is always a challenge for recruitment boards to find the right people with the potential to deliver things effectively. Talegent provides a range of assessments to help recruitment teams to screen and select candidates with the highest potential.
Improving Effectiveness of Assessments
By leveraging an engaging candidate experience that optimizes the existing talent pool, Talegent provides analytically informed and bias-free solutions for identifying the best talent.
Talegent improves the effectiveness of traditional assessment with best-in-class predictive analytics tools together with an enhanced candidate experience. This streamlines the application process and provides recruiters and candidates with feedback while still maintaining psychometric validity. The company’s data-driven solutions are specifically designed to support hiring talent of the future. Data can be leveraged throughout the employee life cycle and recruitment process. The application of Talegent’s solutions span attraction, recruitment, interview, onboarding and development.
Enabling Organizations to Identify Best Talent
The inceptive mind behind Talegent is John Austin, an Organizational Psychologist. John is an International Talent Measurement Executive with a proven record of establishing, leading, growing, and selling successful cloudbased Human Capital businesses – the latest of which is Talegent.
He is an international thought leader in developing and the application of selection systems to enable organizations to source, screen and identify the best talent. He has worked as Psychometrician with a range of international organizations in Australasia, the UK and Europe, the Americas and Asia.
Optimizing All Stages of Recruitment Processes
A major benefit for Talegent’s clients is that it helps them to optimise all stages of recruitment – from sourcing to onboarding and development. Talegent works to map the candidate journey and then suggest products or create a solution that is custom to the client’s candidate journey.

  • Engaging Branding Videos. These videos offer insight into the organization and the role. They can be directly integrated with a values assessment or Situational Judgement Test.
  • Video Interviews. Custom on-demand video interviews allow for candidates to film their responses in their own time, to be reviewed at a time that suits the recruiter.
  • Video Proctoring. Video Proctoring for its traditional Cognitive Assessment & skills testing. This ensures the candidate completing the assessment is who they say they are and are completing the assessments on their own.
  • PATH Suite. Cognitive, Personality, and Values Assessments. Innovative tests for personality, cognitive ability, and values under a single powerful and flexible system.
  • AI Labs. Talegent gathers data for Applying AI and Machine Learning to assessments that will support human intelligence and facilitate natural responses, empowering candidates to share their stories.
  • Gamify Suite. Talegent’s gamified cognitive assessment suite contains the first-ever realistic gamified simulation assessment. It screens on Learning Agility, Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning.

Taking a Consultative Approach
As a part of implementing solutions, Talegent provides consultancy services connected to best practices of building a candidate journey. It helps to optimise the recruitment process with solutions developed to fit each stage of the client’s candidate journey. Talegent takes a consultative approach to develop a deep understanding of client’s recruitment needs. It begins with a success profile and mapping the current candidate journey, from applying for a role to employment. Its talent measurement assessments are configured to fit each stage of the candidate journey to optimize the recruitment process.
Enhancing Candidate Experience
Developing relationships enable Talegent to offer products and services tailored to the client’s specific objectives and implement them seamlessly. Talegent provides ongoing support and information such as data analytics reports and user training to optimize their solution. This can also include validation studies to ensure the solution is working well and to further enhance and optimize its predictability. To provide value to clients, Talegent seeks to understand their full recruitment process. This enables them to propose the best assessments at the right stage, enhance the candidate experience, and promote recruitment efficiencies.
Improving Processes with Data-driven Tools
In John’s opinion, the pandemic has pushed more organizations to digital methods. In the past, many HCM employers used traditional, in-person, methods for Human Capital Management, but the pandemic forced the move to digital processes. This has benefited organizations as they have been able to improve their processes with more data driven tools.
John says that it is a step in the right direction. Moving to digital approaches with technological developments, organizations are moving towards more objective and data driven methods of HCM.
Leveraging AI and Empowering Candidates to Share Their Stories
HR is leveraging AI and recruitment assessments as tools alongside current processes to optimize recruiting. With the shift to digital tools due to the pandemic, there is a lot more AI and automation development in the market. At a high level, John is seeing AI being applied to recruitment in four main ways:

  • Helping measure the competencies of the future.
  • Increasing recruiter’s ability to identify the best candidates and avoid missing out on top talent.
  • Improve the candidate journey by creating a more engaging and supportive candidate experience.
  • Supporting candidates to share their stories, authentic selves, and highlight their strengths. (such as in video interviews).

Talegent’s AI Labs are currently working on data gathering for applying AI and machine learning to assessments. These will support human intelligence and facilitate natural responses, empowering candidates to share their stories.
Leading the Way in Recruitment Innovation
Talegent is leading the way in recruitment innovation. Over the next five years, it will be utilizing more AI technologies that have been developed in-house. These will be enabling its clients to improve their HCM processes.
Delivering Best Talents and Developing Existing Employees
“The PATH Cognitive tests enable us to delve deeper into the potential of our candidates, and PATH Personality helps us to gain a picture of who they are, so we can give them the best experience at the Treasury. What’s great about Talegent is the Graduate comparison group, so we know our candidates are being assessed against the right level of experience.” — New Zealand Treasury
“After installing the Talegent assessments for our CSR, there were measurable improvements in the success of training and the quality of hires, especially in the leadership positions.” — Commonwealth Bank “Talegent has really brought this idea to life, identifying the job-relevant competencies that are tested via a gamified experience.” — Deloitte