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TAISTech: Delivering Solutions through Groundbreaking Innovations

Cloud IP traffic is growing at a staggering rate of 30% each year. So, it is no surprise that Cloud Computing is increasingly being accepted in almost every industrial sector.
Currently, companies are learning about the cost benefits and the convenience of bundled services and licenses by shifting to Cloud services. The best part is that it can be carried out using minimal IT support. In spite of increasing concerns regarding security, Cloud computing continues to evolve and is gradually being adopted by larger enterprises. However, there are new buzzwords that are making the rounds among all the big players such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM and those are machine learning and artificial intelligence.
TAISTech, a global digital commerce service provider, has recently built a product recommendation and personalization engine, uniquely named Bright Scoop. Bright Scoop uses machine learning and AI algorithms, to compute and recommend the right products to an e-commerce customer based on their past purchase/browse history, their user segment, location, etc.
TAISTech provides strategic consulting, large-scale commerce implementations and support for Oracle Commerce and Oracle Commerce Cloud applications. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices in the UK and India, TAISTech has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and large multi-channel retailers. Their client list includes Walmart, Lulemon, GUESS, rue21, Vitamin Shoppe, Fox Head, CORT, and Things Remembered.
Innovation is the Passion That Drives Success
TAISTech is an Oracle Gold Partner, with core expertise in the suite of Oracle CX products. They are specialized in Oracle Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and CPQ cloud. The company delivers solutions that improve conversion rates, increased average order value, and lifts site traffic– all of which contribute to an increased revenue and customer loyalty. Their service offerings include digital strategy, e-Commerce implementations (B2C and B2B), mobile app development, creative (UI/UX design), application support and maintenance and QA testing services. Clients have benefited by TAISTech is many ways –
TAISTech helps companies drive revenue and optimize their omni-channel commerce operations with unique end-to-end capabilities and industry know-how.
With custom BI solutions and Big Data Analytics, TAISTech empowers their clients to gather, access and share insights, enabling them to make better business decisions and provide a better more personalized brand experience to their customers.
Recognized for their expertise in delivering services superficially around Oracle Commerce, TAISTech also develops mobile apps, responsive website and provides a roadmap for global initiatives.
TAISTech has the reputation of providing customers with a consistent and seamless brand experience. This is achieved with TAISTech’s team of trained Visual and UX designers.
With TAISTech’s experience and talent, clients are enabled to strategically create their commerce roadmap to achieve their greatest ROI.
The Dynamic Leader with a Passion for Technology
Championing various aspects, such as architecture, software, product development, and project delivery, Aman Bedi, the CTO, has spearheaded all aspects of TAISTech’s business, including product development, project delivery, profitability, growth, and leadership in the market place.
Aman is a dynamic leader to a team of more than 300 and a champion who drives TAISTech’s global Technical Centers of Excellence, which is the heartbeat of the organization’s innovative customer solutions. His management style fosters a spirited culture of collaboration, energetic work environment, and a relentless focus on customer’s success.
Characteristics of an Oracle Gold Partner
Over the years, TAISTech has made significant investments to ensure that the company can quickly and efficiently implement Oracle solutions by developing Oracle accelerators. The expert team at TAISTech approaches every client’s project with the goal to reduce implementation costs and to increase speed to market.
TAISTech had recognized the potential of Oracle Commerce Cloud at a very early stage and quickly invested in getting their employees trained. TAISTech built the integration between Oracle Commerce Cloud and CPQ, which is the current demo that Oracle leverages when prospective companies are explained about the working of the two solutions and the successful synchronization between the two.
Quality is the Secret of Sustainability
All areas of TAISTech strictly adhere to the highest quality of standards that were never before seen in the industry. This has been TAISTech’s secret to success. Aman and his entire leadership team have constantly kept pace with the changing needs of their Technology and e-Commerce clients.
Having previously been a staff augmentation company, TAISTech was fortunate to have a very deep rolodex of global Oracle talent. Couple that with a comprehensively engaging company culture; TAISTech has the highest employee retention rate in the industry. The company’s culture empowers employees to act judiciously and appreciates and recognizes employees for all their efforts and contribution to TAISTech’s success.
Keeping an Eye on the Future and Tending to the Present
Looking to the future, TAISTech will continue to diversify its portfolio of service offerings, deliver groundbreaking Oracle solutions, and true to the company’s heritage, will grow in a sustainable manner focused on quality.

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