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Tailoring Efficiency: The Adaptability of Trout River Industries’ Live Bottom Trailers

In sectors like construction, agriculture, aggregates, or waste management, the right equipment can significantly impact productivity and financial success.

With this need in mind, Trout River Industries has innovatively developed a series of live bottom trailers, offering customizable efficiency to meet the diverse demands of these industries.

At the heart of Trout River Industries’ product range lies their live bottom trailers, providing an optimal solution to challenges faced by businesses in these sectors. These trailers boast a 34″ – 83″ multi-purpose belt, allowing for versatile hauling capabilities. The rounded tub design enhances stability by lowering the center of gravity, virtually eliminating rollover risks, and maximizing payload.

Bolted-in chain crossbars facilitate easy replacement, minimizing downtime and ensuring cost-effective maintenance and the bolted-on clamp chassis reduces fatigue and stress on the unit.

The forward and reverse control conveyor system with auto-belt ensures seamless loading and unloading processes. Additionally, the trailers feature 1″ hydraulic supply and return lines, along with a 4″ pitch proprietary chain with removable crossbars, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operations.

Safety is paramount for Trout River Industries, reflected in their live bottom trailers. Constructed with Hardox AR 450 side wall material, renowned for exceptional durability and abrasion resistance, the trailers are equipped with an antilock brake system, automatic flip-up mud flaps, safety strobe lights at the rear, an LED lighting system, and a safety reversing audible alarm. These features ensure the safety of the operator and other road users, providing peace of mind on the road.

A standout feature of Trout River Industries’ live bottom trailers is their extensive range of optional features, allowing businesses to tailor the trailers to their specific needs. Whether it’s a toolbox for convenient storage, work lights for enhanced visibility, an air weigh scale for precise load measurements, or a wireless remote for efficient control, Trout River Industries offers a wide array of customizable options.

Additional features include stainless steel fenders for added durability, flow control (dial) for adjusting conveyor speed, release agent tanks, polished aluminum panels for an attractive appearance, and hydraulic knife gate and compression locks.

Businesses can also opt for specialized attachments such as an asphalt/aluminum grain chute attachment, aggregate or asphalt trailer liners for various hauling requirements, and disc brakes for enhanced braking performance.

Furthermore, Trout River Industries provides the flexibility of custom paint colors and even offers a mirrored stainless steel package for those seeking a premium aesthetic. Other features include a tire inflation system to maintain optimal tire pressure, strobe lights for heightened visibility, and much more.

The versatility of Trout River Industries’ live bottom trailers extends to their size options. Ranging from 23′ to 53′ in length, with a maximum capacity of up to 126 YD³, businesses can select the appropriate live bottom truck body or semi-trailer to suit their unique operational needs.

An undeniable advantage of Trout River Industries’ Live Bottom Trailers is their ability to facilitate indoor unloading, virtually eliminating the fear of rollovers. This feature provides significant advantages for businesses operating in confined spaces or adverse weather conditions, ensuring continuous operations regardless of the environment.

Investing in a Trout River Industries live bottom trailer is an investment in the efficiency and profitability of your business.

With a steadfast commitment to manufacturing quality products, Trout River Industries has established itself as a trusted provider of solutions for various industries.

If you are in the market for a live bottom trailer that combines customizable efficiency, enhanced safety features, and a wide range of optional add-ons, be sure to explore Trout River Industries’ impressive product line.

Their trailers are designed to empower businesses, enabling them to meet the demands of their respective industries and thrive in today’s competitive market.